Is The Food Flirts cancelled? Fans wonder if Brass sister hosts will return to PBS!

Is The Food Flirts cancelled? Fans wonder if Brass sister hosts will return to PBS!

With two years since its last episode aired, fans are starting to think The Food Flirts on PBS is no longer coming back.

The cooking show, hosted by the Brass sisters, sees them travel the world to tick off their bucket list and make an array of cultural dishes.

They both flirt their way into chef’s kitchens, before heading back home to try and cook up the culinary dishes themselves.

However, it’s been a while since the Brass sisters were seen on PBS. So has The Food Flirts been cancelled?

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Fans call for Food Flirts to return to PBS

Many who regularly watched the PBS series are wondering where Sheila and Marilynn Brass have gone, and when they might be returning.

In the last few weeks, fans have taken to the Food Flirts Instagram. One fan said: “Please I need you in my life. More shows doing whatever please.”

“When are you all coming back to tv? I miss you both”, said another.

One person said: “New season please?! Yall are the best.”

Has Food Flirts been cancelled?

  • It has not been confirmed by PBS whether it is cancelled or not

We think that it is unlikely Food Flirts will return after a 2-year pause.

However, there is hope, despite the show having not brought out new episodes since 2018!

They have recently started posting on the Food Flirts Instagram, getting fans excited for a possible return of the series.

In February 2020, Marilynn hinted on Facebook and said: “We have great plans. There may well be more television in our future.”

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Where are the Brass sisters?

They are reminiscing on old times filming for Food Flirts, as seen on Insta.

Marilynn is now a care-giver for her sister Sheila, now 83, who is in recovery following a partial hip replacement.

They are working on a memoir with working title MILK AND HONEY, STORIES FROM A JEWISH-AMERICAN LIFE.

The sisters also plan to possibly record some podcasts!


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