Following the self-isolation advice in the UK, a lot of celebrities and TV presenters have started offering online classes to viewers at home.

From cooking tips on Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking and Carry On to live dancing videos with Strictly Come Dancing stars, many have been inspired to share their tips and hacks from the comfort of their homes.

In fact, food journalist and writer Jack Monroe is the latest star to come up with her own cooking series for those who need affordable, quick and delicious meals.

So, here’s how and when to watch Jack Monroe’s Lockdown Larder!

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Jack Monroe on This Morning, January 2020

Who is Jack Monroe?

Jack is a food writer, TV cook and activist on anti-poverty from London. The chef rose to fame after launching a blog about budget cooking and easy family recipes for a fiver.

She has appeared on a number of British shows such as This Morning to offer her tips on affordable and delicious meals.

She is the author of several food budget books including ‘Tin Can Cook: 75 Simple Store-cupboard Recipes’ and ‘Vegan (ish): 100 simple, budget recipes that don’t cost the earth’.

What is Jack Monroe’s Lockdown Larder?

Following the quarantine advice in the UK, Jack has responded with a new cooking series for people staying at home.

The budget chef is on a mission to help people create delicious recipes with ingredients they can find in their freezers and kitchen pantries.

Jack is doing a great service to everyone on a tight budget and those struggling to cook with a limited number of products.


How to watch Jack Monroe’s Lockdown Larder?

Jack offers cooking hacks on her Twitter account every day at 5 pm.

She encourages viewers at home to send her pictures of the products they have at home. Then she comes up with recipes based on those ingredients which she shares with her followers on Twitter.




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