If you thought that MasterChef looked hard, then take a peek at MasterChef: The Professionals!

The cooking competition kicked off from Tuesday, November 5th and airs at 8 pm on BBC Two.

Each episode professional chefs go head to head all in a bid to become one of the UK’s recognised best chefs. The chefs are in competition with one another and judging their dishes are stony-faced Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti along with Greg Wallace.

Let’s meet Masterchef: The Professionals’ Yann Florio who makes it through to the Final 12.

Yann Masterchef The Professionals https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000b3jm/masterchef-the-professionals-series-12-episode-3
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MasterChef: The Professionals – who is Yann?

Yann Florio is a 30-year-old private chef and rock ‘n’ roll drummer who was born in France.

Appearing in the first episode of series 12, Yann went on to impress the judges with his pigeon dish so much so that he made it through to the competition’s final 12 contestants.

He said during episode 3: “I would like to think of myself as the creative kind. The invention test can really go one way or the other. I can nail it or I can screw it up. We don’t know.”

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Yann’s catering business

Yann is already a successful chef with his own catering business in London.

He’s the CEO of Far Out Food Limited and has been since 2017.

Yann shares the business with chef Graham Brittain. The company offers high-end private catering – we’re talking £150-£200 per person including butler service.

Far Out Food is far from ordinary, though, as Yann says he and Graham want to create a zero-waste, ethical and sustainable business. He said they strive for a “luxury service without the guilt”.

Screenshot: MasterChef: The Professionals series 12 episode 1 – BBC

You can hire Yann and Graham as private chefs online via La Belle Assiette. See Far Out Food’s website – www.faroutfood.co.uk – and Instagram page (@faroutfood) online.

Yann’s business is set up much like the communal dinners his family would throw when he was growing up in France.

Yann explained to Reality Titbit how he comes from a big family. He said:

My grandmother, aunt and mum always used to cook. Every occasion was a great occasion. My Grandma was a legend of a cook.

Is Yann on Instagram?

Yes, as well as having social media for his business, Yann, himself, has an Insta page, too.

He has around 340 followers as of November 2019 and you can find him on Instagram @yann_florio.

Yann features an array of stunning-looking food on his Insta page as well as some very scenic shots of London.

Yann trained as a chef since the age of 14, but it wasn’t just cooking that brought him to the UK, the MasterChef contestant moved to London for the music and culture.

While playing the drums for underground rock bands in France, Yann got to meet tonnes of people in the music industry – and many of them were from London.

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