Season 11 of MasterChef: Legends is heating up as the remaining eight chefs are edging closer to the grand finale. Autumn Moretti is one of the remaining eight chefs competing for the grand prize of $250,000.

Who is Autumn Moretti?

Autumn Moretti is a Boston native, and she began her career as a bartender before joining the show where she has been demonstrating her culinary skills.

From her Instagram, Reality Titbit found that she is an avid gamer and Pokémon fan and she loves to share her passion for video games with her 54.8 k followers.

In a recent episode of the show, Autumn was seen walking around the kitchen with a cast on her foot, but what actually happened?

Read on to find out!

What happened to Autumn’s foot?

Although season 11 is currently airing on FOX, it was actually shot during the COVID-19 pandemic where production had to be temporarily halted for seven months.

During this time, the contestants went home to quarantine with their families and returned when restrictions had been lifted.

An eagle-eyed Reddit fan who followed Autumn on her socials at the time discovered that she had actually broken her foot while messing around with her sisters.

“They found a picture from when they were kids where they all stacked up on each other’s back,” the Reddit user wrote. “Autumn was the bottom, the last sister jumped up, they all fell and her foot broke in a zillion places. It’s actually a hilarious video. She had it on her [Instagram] stories.”

So rest assured you didn’t miss anything on the show as the accident happened when Autumn went home during the period where production was halted.

What happened to Autumn’s accent?

Viewers of the show are divided about whether Boston bartender, Autumn Moretti’s accent is real.

As Autumn progressed throughout the season, fans have noticed that her once pronounced Boston accent has become less prominent, which has left fans questioning her authenticity.

“In early episodes, [Autumn’s] Boston accent was very pronounced,” one Reddit user wrote. “The last couple of episodes it has all but disappeared, and she has been getting lots of screen time to notice. Was it ‘faked’ early on or do you think she was coached to drop it?”

However, fans defended the culinary star pointing out that due to the break in filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic her accent may have slightly changed due to a shift in the environment.

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