RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finalist Baga Chipz made waves when she hit our screens last year, and now she’s back.

The hilarious Drag Race star is showing off both her signature cheeky humour and her culinary abilities on this season of Celebrity MasterChef.

Baga made her debut in the second heat, commencing Wednesday, July 8th. She competed against Phil Daniels, Sam Quek, Karen Gibson, and Dominic Littlewood.

While Baga Chipz returned to our screens as hilarious as ever, many viewers who were new to the performer had questions about the Drag Race star. So, does Baga Chipz have a fiancé?

Screenshot: Celebrity MasterChef S15 E4 – iPlayer

Baga Chipz on Celebrity MasterChef

Baga Chipz featured in the second heat of Celebrity Masterchef.

First, Baga cooked up some spicy honey prawns in the market challenge. Then, Baga Chipz cooked up a duck dish at Blackheath’s Copper and Ink. This restaurant was founded by former MasterChef finalist Tony Rodd.

Eventually, it was Baga to go out first, as her competitors impressed in the final round. Although Gregg loved Baga’s fish and chips, it was not enough to earn her a place in the next round.

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Who is Baga Chipz engaged to?

Back in February 2020, Baga Chipz announced she was engaged. On February 4th, Baga tweeted a picture of an engagement ring with the caption: “The happiest boy in the world.” When asked how long Baga had been with her fiancé, Baga responded: “Met him yesterday. But we love each other.”

Baga has since deleted the picture of the engagement ring, but has continued to tweet about this fiancé.

Many then thought this must mean that the engagement was a hoax. Baga has kept referring to her fiancé on Twitter up to May 2020, so this could be a real engagement, or it could be a long-running joke.

Baga has not revealed the identity of the mystery fiancé.

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