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Who is Melissa John's brother? Meet up-and-coming actor Jason Johns!

As British actress, Melissa Johns, known for her time in Coronation Street, has returned to our screens for this year’s Celebrity Masterchef.

She joins Katie Price, Dion Dublin, Joe Swash and Will Kirk in the third week of heats, which includes several tests, like the Street Food Challenge.

Since her first appearance in the third week of heats, fans have began to notice that she is not the only family member in the limelight.

Melissa’s younger brother, Jason is also an actor and attempting to make his way onto the big screen! Reality Titbit has all the information on her sibling.

Celebrity MasterChef | Trailer – BBC Trailers

Celebrity MasterChef | Trailer – BBC Trailers

Who is Jason Johns?

Aged 22 and 5’7″, Jason is based in Manchester working as an actor.

Born in Ledbury, Herefordshire, after graduating high school, Jason began studying at the East 15 Acting School, the same school that his older sister, Melissa attended.

The young actor who has a tattoo of a swallow on his chest was diagnosed with dyspraxia, a disorder that affects movement and coordination.

Jason also has a number of skills other than his acting ability including being able to put on a number of accents including American, Australian and Norther-Irish.

Dancing and sports including darts and football are also talents of Jason’s.

Jason’s acting career so far

Since graduating from East 15 Acting School, Jason has been working behind the bar at The Lowry, a theatre in Greater Manchester and 53Two, a theatre bar where he also occasionally performs.

With a few shows in his repertoire, Jason has performed with a number of stage companies and had roles in plays including The Big Sad and Romeo & Juliet where he took on the role of Romeo.

Co-founder of ‘Quite Frankly Theatre’, Jason and sister Melissa created the company in 2017 to offer summer acting camps to local children in their hometown of Ledbury.

Jason’s social media explored

Although Jason’s Facebook appears to have some old profile pictures of a possible ex-girlfriend, the young actor is currently single as he has mentioned in his bio.

Appearing in many posts abroad, Jason has visited places including Spain, Hollywood and New York City.

With a number of acting photos with fellow castmates dating back to high school days, Jason’s dream of acting came at an early age, perhaps also stemming from Melissa’s career as an actress, as the pair seem to have a very close relationship.



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