Meet Jordan Andino, the man putting SPAM on the fine-dining map
Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Nesquik

Meet Jordan Andino, the man putting SPAM on the fine-dining map

Jordan Andino is a young professional chef who has worked his way from washing dishes in the back of his dad’s restaurant to being one of the leading Filipino chefs across the nation. He has now used his success to push his way into the TV industry too as he is recognised for his appearance on The Today Show and most recently as the 2021 judge of Raid The Fridge.

Andino has had many endeavours in his culinary career so far and if you want to know more about the young chef, including his bio, introduction to cooking and his connection with S.P.A.M, then keep reading.

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Inventions That Changed History | Official Trailer | discovery+

Inventions That Changed History | Official Trailer | discovery+
Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Nesquik

Meet Jordan Andino

Jordan celebrates his birthday on June 29 each year though his actual birth date is yet to be revealed. From his youthful looks, we can assume that the chef is in his early to mid-thirties.

Andino is very proud of his heritage and was born to his Filipino parents in Toronto, Canada, however, they moved soon after to Manhattan Beach, California where he was raised. Here is where he started working in the kitchen with his dad, who was a chef himself.

The talented chef began cooking from a young age and started self-training under the shadow of his father, here is where he learned to love his country’s traditional flavours.

In terms of his education and qualifications, Andino attended Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration to improve upon his culinary skills. He clearly did just this as he is now one of the most noticeable faces in New York Cities’ culinary world.

Jordan Andino’s culinary connection with S.P.A.M

S.P.A.M tends to have a bad reputation across the US (and most places) but Jordan has started to change that ideology. The canned good is often used in Hawaiin and Filipino culture and the young chef grew up enjoying the salty snack in delicious meals.

During an interview with Forbes, Andino announced that he had recently partnered with S.P.A.M with the hopes of popularizing and normalizing it across America by showing people the delicious meals that you can create with it if you use it correctly.

With his skills surrounding Filipino cuisine and his ability to fuse different flavours, Jordan plans to mix the food of his culture with Mexican cuisine and S.P.A.M to make things like his delicious cheesy S.P.A.M Pastor Tacos.

Jordan has had a successful career so far

The young chef has achieved many things in his career so far and there are lots more to come. He is the owner and executive chef at his restaurant, Flip Sigi which is a Filipino Taqueria. The restaurant combines flavours inspired by his upbringing and heritage with popular Mexican cuisine. Some of his best selling dishes include adobo chicken tacos and his sinigang flip bowl.

Aside from his restaurant and becoming the nations leading Filipino chef, he has also become well-known in the TV industry and aside from being a judge on Raid The Fridge, he has also been featured on Chopped, The Today Show and Rachael Ray.


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