Jilly McCord is a Scottish ex-rugby player turned teacher, turned maestro chef.

She is winning the hearts of a nation on MasterChef 2019 having made it through to the UK grand final on Friday night (March 29th).

Competing against Irini and Delia for the series 15 crown, Jilly from Fife is the solid fan favourite. Here’s everything you need to know about her!

Jilly McCord. Masterchef Series 15, Episode 11. BBC.

Who is Jilly McCord?

Gillian McCord (A.K.A. Jilly) is one of the contestants to beat on MasterChef 2019.

She wowed the judges with her delicate, precise cooking and her pastry skills in the quarter-finals.

Jilly posts all of her cooking triumphs to her Instagram @jillymccordcooks and also cute pics of her sausage dogs Lucy and Steffi!



What did Jilly do before MasterChef 2019?

Jilly used to play for Scotland’s National Women’s Rugby team. She even played at the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2006.

After she retired from the sport, she taught History at Dollar Academy in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. And still does to this day.

We even found her on ratemyteacher.com where she has five-star reviews from her students!

It sounds like Jilly can take on anything she sets her mind to.

Shannon Willoughby of New Zealand is tackled by Iona Frickleton #2 and Jilly McCord #4 of Scotland during Women’s Rugby World Cup 2006 in Alberta, Canada.


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