Meet the chefs on Netflix's Iron Chef: Mexico

Meet the chefs on Netflix's Iron Chef: Mexico

Iron Chef: Mexico has just landed on Netflix! The fast-paced and exciting cooking show, which is well loved by audiences, is now set to showcase Mexican cuisine for all you cooking show fans out there. 

Eight episodes of the show have been released so far and if that isn’t enough, Iron Chef: Quest For An Iron Legend and Iron Chef Brazil are also available to watch on Netflix.

There’s certainly no shortage of cooking programs at the moment, but our focus is on Iron Chef: Mexico. 

What to expect from the series

The Mexican version will follow the same premise as the other Iron Chef programs.

All chefs will compete in a studio, each ‘battling’ the ‘Iron Chef’. Every chef hopes to impress a rotating panel of judges with their cuisine. Contestants use skill and creativity under immense time pressure to prepare different dishes.

For the unversed, an Iron Chef is an already-established chef who goes head-to-head with the contestants.

All the chefs will compete until a winner is declared and whoever comes out on top is gifted with a Katana. the long sword is associated with the Japanese Samurai and acknowledges the country where the show first originated. 

Meet the chefs

Netflix has brought some of the best in the business for the Mexican series.

The original Chairman, Mark Dacasos, is to return for the show, while Roberto Solis serves as a new iron chef.

Joining them will be Francisco Ruano, the head chef at Alcalde, who is thought to be one of the best chefs in Mexico.

And, fans of the show are especially excited for Gabriela Ruiz, who’s well known for her gourmet restaurants and delicious cooking. She has even been named the top chef in Mexico by Forbes magazine.

The Mexican version of Iron Chef is sure to make an intense and mouth-watering watch. The first eight episodes are now available to binge on Netflix, but, at the time of writing, producers are yet to confirm if there’s more to come. 

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