Is Simon Rimmer leaving Sunday Brunch? Fans fear host's departure after joke

Simon Rimmer has long stood as the favourite co-host of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. But why do fans now think he’s leaving the show?

Simon has presented the cookery-based talk show since 2012, where he has presented alongside his onscreen partner Tim Lovejoy. The duo have also presented BBC’s Something for the Weekend and the Channel 4 spinoff, Daily Brunch.

After Sunday, August 9th’s episode, Sunday Brunch fans feared that Simon was no longer appearing as the co-host and chef.

So, is Simon Rimmer really leaving? Why did Sunday Brunch fans think it was Simon’s last episode on August 9th?

Screenshot: Sunday Brunch 09/08/2020 – 4oD

Is Simon Rimmer leaving Sunday Brunch?

No. The reason many viewers thought Simon was leaving the show is down to a joke they made in Sunday, August 9th’s episode.

As Simon has been co-presenting Sunday Brunch with Tim Lovejoy for over eight years now, if Simon was actually leaving, the duo would have seriously addressed his departure. Neither Tim nor Simon have spoken anywhere – to the press or online – about Simon leaving Sunday Brunch.


For fans who had missed out on the start of the show, they missed the joke Simon made with Tim and popstar Anne-Marie about his fake firing.

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Simon’s fake firing on Sunday Brunch

In August 9th’s episode of Sunday Brunch, British singer Anne-Marie appeared on the show again to talk her upcoming music projects. But she also took on a presenting role, as Anne-Marie opened the show.

Anne-Marie kicked off the August episode with: “You’re watching Channel 4, live from Television Centre, this is Sunday Brunch. I’m Anne-Marie and these are your hosts, Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer.”

Tim and Simon complimented Anne-Marie on her presenting skills, before Simon went off on a joke that he would be replaced by Anne-Marie. Simon said:

I think clearly Anne-Marie is being lined up to replace me. Just because I’ve noticed you’ve [Tim] got your little mark on the floor there where you stand. I no longer have one. Anne-Marie had one.

Tim then joked: “Horrible way to find out you’ve lost your job.”




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