Somebody Feed Phil: How did his mum die? Helen Rosenthal fans are heartbroken!

Somebody Feed Phil fans love Philip’s mum, Helen Rosenthal. However, she has sadly passed away and audiences are absolutely heartbroken.

Netflix has arguably knocked it out of the park this year, cementing one of their most exciting years yet.

It’s a good job too considering everything that has been going on!

More time has been spent curled up on the sofa – a good cuppa in hand – than perhaps ever before and the sea of 2020 content has kept us more than preoccupied during these trying times.

Unfortunately, travel plans have taken a huge hit and many who planned to jet off with family and friends haven’t been able to do so. That’s where Netflix has stepped in once again.

Catering to the travel lust within us all as well as culinary passions, the streaming service served up season 4 of fan-favourite Somebody Feed Phil on Friday, October 30th 2020.

Following Philip Rosenthal on his foodie journey, this season invited us to enjoy a range of locations from Rio De Janeiro to Hawaii.

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However, a crushing blow has recently reached some fans…

Screenshot: Somebody Feed Phil – Netflix

Somebody Feed Phil: How did his mum die?

  • Sadly, Phil’s mum – Helen Rosenthal – passed away in October 2019 and had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

This is highlighted by Laila News, which adds that the funeral took place in November 2019 and donations were made in her name to the ALS Foundation’s Greater New York and Met Opera chapters.

For those unfamiliar with ALS, it’s a progressive nervous system disease which affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord; it causes loss of muscle control.

Helen was 86 and became a friendly and beloved presence on both seasons 1 and 2 of Somebody Feed Phil.

She would often pop up at the end of episodes as Phil video called home to reflect on each adventure.

Fans were surprised at her absence in the third season and, with the arrival of season 4, many more viewers are being made aware of the unfortunate loss.

On the other hand, those who follow him on Instagram learned of the news in a touching post in October 2019:

Helen Rosenthal fans react

Considering a number of the show’s admirers are only now learning of Helen’s passing, tributes have recently poured in over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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