The final of Masterchef series 15 is upon us, and some of the toughest challenges yet lie ahead for the remaining contestants.

The final four chefs of 2019 have jetted off to Hong Kong and will carry out a series of culinary tasks at local dining hotspots including the Lung King Heen restaurant.

But what’s on the menu at the Lung King Heen restaurant? Here’s what you need to know about the award-winning restaurant.

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What’s on the menu at the Lung King Heen restaurant?

The Lung King Heen restaurant is the world’s first Chinese restaurant to be recognised with a Michelin three-star rating.

According to the restaurant’s official website, diners can expect to enjoy a range of exquisite seafood and dim sum.

Lung King Heen’s signature dishes are currently listed as steamed lobster with scalloped dumpling and wok-fried prawns with organic black garlic and dried chilli.

Guests also have the option of the chef’s tasting menu, which includes dishes such as pumpkin broth with crab meat and fungus, and simmered king prawns in crystal sauce

How much does it cost to eat at Lung King Heen?

On the restaurant’s main menu, prices of starters and appetisers range between 200 and 600 Hong Kong dollars, meaning diners can expect to pay between £20 and £60 depending on your order.

However, main meals from the same menu are more expensive, and some seafood dishes will cost you around £300.

Some of the desserts on offer aren’t as pricey, and the majority range between £7 and £8.

Where is the Lung King Heen restaurant?

The Lung King Heen restaurant is located within the Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong.

The restaurant’s spectacular food is created by head chef Chan Yan Tak.

Chef Chan Yan Tak became the first Chinese chef in history to be awarded three Michelin stars.

Chef Chan Yan Tak
Chef Chan Yan Tak
(May Tse/South China Morning Post, Getty)

What challenges do the Masterchef finalists face?

The first challenge faced by the final four Masterchef contestants will take place at the Lung King Heen restaurant.

The aspiring chefs will have to master one of Hong Kong’s oldest food traditions, dim sum.

The contestants will later be asked to prepare a meal for famed chef Vicky Lau, who also works as a mentor on the BBC series.


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