For those who haven’t come across Jon Favreau before, we’re sure you will have come across some of his movies.

The 53-year-old actor turned director turned chef is responsible for creating some of the biggest Marvel and Disney films to date, as well as starring in some major comedy movies along the way. Although his work for these movie franchises has been celebrated, one of his lesser known projects has a large – and growing – fanbase: The Chef Show.

Originally conceived as a spinoff from his 2014 movie Chef, the Netflix series Jon and his IRL chef buddy Roy Choi explore the American food scene and cook up a storm along the way. And now the third instalment is out! Here’s a rundown of all of the featured chefs, restaurants and celebrity guests in The Chef Show season 3.

Screenshot: Wolfgang Puck in The Chef Show S1.V3 E1 – Netflix

Wolfgang Puck at CUT

First up is none other than one of the world’s most famous chefs, Wolfgang Puck. Starting off with a bang, are we Jon?

Wolfgang is a 70-year-old Austrian-American chef and actor.

Roy and Jon visit Wolfgang at his Las Vegas steakhouse restaurant CUT. CUT is just one of Wolfgang’s successful chains. He has branches of the popular restaurant from London and New York to Singapore and Doha, Qatar.

Jon tried to impress Wolfgang with his culinary development, cooking him an omelette which he had been improving on since he had lessons with Wolfgang way back when.

Mary Sue and Susan at Border Grill

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger are the founders of Border Grill. They created this restaurant in the space of their original venture, City Cafe. The switch from City Cafe to Border Grill came after the culinary duo were introduced to the flavours of Mexico and Latin America.

In 1985, the two packed up a camper van and drove to Mexico City, learning as they went. They then took the skills they had acquired and took it to Border Grill.

Over the years, Mary Sue and Susan have expanded Border Grill from its original site, opening up many branches and food trucks. They have also opened up sister restaurants in BBQ Mexicana and Socalo.

Roy at Best Friend

For the third episode, Jon heads to co-host Roy Choi’s Las Vegas restaurant Best Friend.

Roy rose to prominence championing the gourmet food truck industry. This started with his Korean BBQ and taco truck Kogi, which he founded in 2008.

When visiting Best Friend, Roy explained to Jon that “this is my whole life in a restaurant.”

Sam Raimi

Episode 4 sees movie director Sam Raimi hit the kitchen with Roy and Jon.

Sam is responsible for creating the 1980s cult horror Evil Dead series. But more recently, he moved into the superhero universe, which is how he knows The Chef Show host Jon.

Sam has also directed the Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire and Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful (2013).

Screenshot: Roy and Sam in The Chef Show S1.V3 E4 – Netflix

Micah and Michael of Wexler’s Deli

The East Coast of America has a thriving Jewish food scene, however the West Coast does not. Micah Wexler and Michael Kasser sought to rectify that.

Micah and Michael are the owners of Wexler’s Deli, which has branches all over California, from Santa Monica and Downtown LA to a more recent addition in Palm Springs.

Daniele and Candace at Pizzana

For fans of the show, you will remember Pizzana from season 2. It’s a favourite of Roy and Jon’s. Daniele Uditi returned to the show to present more classic Italian recipes.

Daniele grew up in Naples, Italy where he learnt from the best pizzaiolos in Campania.

Joining Daniele in the episode is Candace Nelson of Sprinkle’s Bakery.



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