MasterChef: Back To Win 2022 is officially out on Fox, which includes several runners-up from previous Gordon Ramsay-hosted seasons, as well as a few Junior contestants. So who’s cooking up a storm this year?

Ready to try and win over Gordon once again, 20 talented chefs are back in the kitchen. Although they didn’t win the first time round, they are determined to go home with the competition crown by the end of season 12.

With multiple fan favorites preparing to deliver delicious meals, Fox viewers are already placing bets on who their winner is this year. Reality Titbit has the line-up for Back to Win 2022 – ready, set, go!

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Who are the Masterchef judges 2022?

The same judges from MasterChef season 11 are back, including Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich. Joining them will be several well-known guests throughout, including season 7 winner Shaun O’Neale.

Season 3 winner Christine Hà and Wolfgang Puck, who cooks at the Oscars, is also joining the contestants for challenges. Puck will be doing a restaurant takeover with the Back to Win stars.

Wolfgang tells the cast they will be “putting the reputation of Spago on the line” while they take over the restaurant. And of course, Gordon, Aarón and Joe are all set to taste the dishes made by the chefs during season 12.

Who are the contestants on Masterchef 2022

Several runners-up who were close to winning, but didn’t quite take home the crown, have returned to the MasterChef kitchen. A total of 20 contestants have joined the line-up this year, including:

  • Alejandro Valdivia (season 11)
  • Amanda Saab (season 6)
  • Bowen Li (season 9)
  • Brandi Mudd (season 7)
  • Brielle “Bri” Baker (season 10)
  • Caitlin “Cate” Meade (season 8)
  • Christian Green
  • Dara Yu (MasterChef Junior season 1)
  • Derrick Peltz (now called Fox – season 6)
  • Emily Hallock (season 9)
  • Fred Chang (season 10)
  • Gabriel Lewis (season 8)
  • Michael Silverstein (season 10)
  • Samantha Daily (season 9)
  • Shanika Patterson (season 9)
  • Shayne Wells (MasterChef Junior season 5)
  • Shelly Flash (season 6)
  • Stephen Lee (season 6)
  • Tommy Walton (season 6)
  • Willie Mike (season 5)

Previously, the contestants have all made it to the Top 20 on MasterChef, with several making it to the final. Brandi Mudd from season 7 made it to the last episode until she lost to Shaun O’Neale, a guest on Back To Win.

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Masterchef returning contestants 2022

Gordon appears to be extremely excited for the MasterChef Junior contestants Dara Yu and Shayne Wells. He said:

The big shock for me was witnessing two of the incredible MasterChef Juniors, now adults, competing in Back to Win. Boy are they good, and when I say good I mean good like there is no tomorrow.

Dara Yu competed in MasterChef Junior season 1, reaching the final, while Shayne Wells starred in MasterChef Junior Season 5. He was 13 years old during his first appearance and ranked in third place, making it to the semi-finals.



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