MasterChef: The Professionals is back on the BBC this winter for its twelfth series. And while the contestants are impressing and on their way to the knockouts, there’s something which has been catching the viewers’ eyes over the past week.

Since episode 8 (Thursday, November 21st), MasterChef fans started to notice there was something different about pro judge Marcus Wareing.

So, what’s going on with Marcus’ left eye?

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What’s happened to Marcus’ eye?

In episode 8 of MasterChef: The Professionals, viewers picked up that MasterChef judge Marcus Wareing had a sore eye.

However, the swelling and redness did not go down over the course of the next few episodes. In fact, by episode 12 (Thursday, November 28th), it was looking worse!

Although unconfirmed, we don’t think what Marcus has is anything more than a stye. This is a mild and treatable eye infection.

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Poking fun

If there’s one thing you can count on from viewers, it is that they’ll always find a way to poke fun at everyone on their screens. And poor Marcus was not exempt from some online teasing!

While Marcus has had a stye, MasterChef viewers have continually made jokes about how he got the eye infection.

Mainly, they think an angry contestant might not be happy with their feedback! One viewer jokingly asked “did one of them poke Marcus in the eye on the way out?” Another Tweeted: “Has Marcus Waring been punched in the eye by a disgruntled chef?”

However, it was the foodie jokes that really had us at RTB in stitches, as one viewer asked “is Marcus’s eye macerated in balsamic vinegar as well.”

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Stye treatment time

Healthline have said that a stye takes between seven and ten days to heal. They tend to get better on their own but can need medical treatment.

As we don’t know how much time there is between shooting episodes, there’s a chance the episodes with Marcus Wareing’s stye were all filmed within the same week.

So, it shouldn’t be long before Marcus returns to full eye health! It’ll definitely be in the next few episodes.



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