MasterChef star Delia Asser is through to the UK 2019 final, competing against Jilly and Irini for the chance to claim the series 15 crown.

Delia was first introduced to the show in episode 16 (Thursday, March 14th) where she breezed past a market challenge with none other than Michel Roux Jr (of Masterchef: The Professionals) standing in as a guest judge.

Here’s everything you need to know about the youngest of all three finalists, Delia-Marie Asser.

Delia Asser. Masterchef Series 15, Episode 13. BBC.

Who is MasterChef’s Delia Asser?

Delia-Maria Asser is a 28-year-old police officer, originally from Basildon, Essex.

She now lives in Kent with her police officer hubby, Christopher.

Delia’s mother is Spanish and so she would travel to Spain every year to visit family. This has inspired lots of her dishes on Masterchef so far.

Remember her twist on a Spanish Crema Catalana?

She is a lover of languages and travel

Delia has definitely had an enviable travel past!

She studied Arabic, Spanish, Catalan and French at Durham University and then used her language skills to travel the world.

Delia lived in Morocco for a year, visited Palestine as a teenager and worked with refugees in Bethlehem.

These travel influences are clear in her cooking.

Delia is a cooking sensation

Her Instagram @deliamariafood shows off all of her culinary creations.

She also updates her Twitter account with all of her Masterchef news! Her Twitter handle is @AsserDelia.

She is a total gym bunny

Delia and her partner are completely gym obsessed.

From Christopher’s Instagram, @saint_bowser, we can see he’s also a bodybuilder and personal trainer.

He seems to completely dote upon Delia and often uploads cute photos of them.


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