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Will there be Nadiya's Time to Eat season 2? Netflix fans demand more after cooking series disappears

British audiences have known and loved Nadiya Hussain ever since she won The Great British Bake Off back in 2015. But since then, Nadiya has amassed a global audience and has fans all around the world.

Nadiya’s simple approach to mastering everything from baking skills to delicious dinners is exemplified in her 2019 series, Nadiya’s Time to Eat.

The show focusses on stress-free recipes which allow you more time to spend with the family. It launched on BBC in July of last year but came to Netflix for the world to enjoy in 2020.

There are only seven episodes, which mean many of us have now gobbled them all up and are left hungry for more. So, will there be season 2 of Nadiya’s Time to Eat?

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Nadiya’s Time to Eat

The focus in this cooking series is to help families spend more time together, less time cooking, but with no sacrifices on taste and flavour.

There are around four recipes per episode, all taken from Nadiya’s book. You can find Nadiya Hussain’s ‘Time to Eat’ book on Amazon currently for just £11.

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Some of the best recipes from the series include a peanut butter and jelly pancake tray bake, tortilla egg rolls and a mouth-watering chicken shawarma. Check out some of the best recipes below.

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Time to Eat disappears from Netflix

As soon as Time to Eat launched to Netflix on Wednesday, April 29th, it disappeared.

It quickly gained a tonne of fans, new and old, but as soon as it was getting popular it disappeared from the streaming site.

As of yet, the reason for Time to Eat’s disappearance from Netflix is unknown. It is not often that a series has such a short shelf-life on the streaming platform.

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Will there be Nadiya’s Time to Eat season 2?


As of yet, there has been no word from Nadiya, the BBC or Netflix about whether they would bring back Time to Eat for a second series.

We would say that it is unlikely, given that the series is based off her 2019 cookbook. What we think is likely to happen is that Nadiya will create a new show for the next cookbook she writes. She won’t be disappearing from our screens any time soon!

Like other successful TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver, the book normally precedes the TV show. So until Nadiya gets writing, season 2 is far off.


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