Love Island’s latest member, Savanna Darnell, has sent social media into a frenzy thanks to her curly blonde locks.

The 22-year-old model, singer and dancer has become one of the most instantly recognisable Love Island 2018 characters due to her thick, shaggy tuft of hair.

Despite only enjoying a few minutes of airtime so far, Twitter has been quick to shower Savanna in glory, kick-starting a debate over what random things her hair resembles.

Here are 7 things that Savanna Darnell’s HAIR looks like – According to Twitter!

1. Loose Women’s Gloria Hunniford

2. Eya Booker in Disguise!

Angry Eyal Booker - Love Island, series 4, episode 10
Angry Eyal Booker – Love Island, series 4, episode 10

3. Chandler’s ‘Big Head’ Date

4. Any Kitchen Mop

5. Peggy From Eastenders

6. A Cabbage Patch Kid

7. 99p Noodles

8. Matilda’s Mum

9. A Star Wars Ewok

1o. A Small Chicken

11. That Colombian Footballer Player

12. A Sheep

13. Toad From Super Mario

14. A Troll Doll

15. Celeb’s Go Dating’s Nadia

16. Just This

17. Dolly Parton

More on Savanna Darnell

Savanna Darnell joins Dani Dyer when it comes to famous father figures, boasting disco king August Darnell as her big daddy.

August was the leader of 1980’s band Kid Creole and the Coconuts, where the hitmakers released 14 albums in 40 years and had U.K hits such as ‘I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby’ and ‘Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy’.

The 22-year-old makes her money through a variety of performing arts, primarily singing and dancing.

This makes her the third dancer to join the Love Island ranks, alongside Samira Mighty and one of the other newbies who we have already forgotten the name of.

They’re pretty much all the same!

You may recognise Savanna Darnell from a couple Amazon Firestick and Furniture Village commercials, while she’s also completed various shoots for modelling agency Nemesis Casting.

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