Celebs Go Dating is back with series 6!

Although the team of dating experts have faced a bit of a shake-up, with Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex replaced, Tom the receptionist is still around to help dial-in the celebs.

The Celebs Go Dating receptionist is one of the highlights of the E4 series. To celebrate his quirkiness, unique language and terrible receptionist skills, here are five reasons why we love the super sassy king.


Who is Celebs Go Dating Tom?

Tom goes by the full name of Tom Read.

He’s not a real receptionist by trade but an actor. He

Berkshire but currently lives in London. He attended Bradfield College and Pangbourne College before heading to the Royal Academy of Music in order to help catapult his career into showbiz.

As well as his appearance on Celebs Go Dating, Tom has also featured on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side and Roman Kemp’s Capital Radio breakfast show.

Tom even auditioned for The Voice in 2016!

Five Reasons we Love Tom – Super Sass

Tom provides that severe whiplash of sass that every good reality TV show needs.

His quick-witted quips often put celebrities in a fluster and Tom feels that he has to leave every conversation with “farewell darling”.

He also came out with this description of series 4 star Sam Thompson.

Screen Shot: Receptionist Tom
Screen Shot: Receptionist Tom
Screen Shot: Receptionist Tom
Screen Shot: Receptionist Tom

Obscure Pronunciation

Tom has a tendency to pronounce each word with such clarity and attention that it sounds completely absurd when gushing from his mouth full of bright white teeth.

As Jonathan Lipnicki said in series 4:

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

Distinct Fashion

If there is one thing the fans of Celebs Go Dating have noticed, it’s the constantly flawless outfits that Tom wears to work.

For anyone that wants to know which cravat is trending right now . . .

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating - Tom's scarf things are always on point
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – Tom’s scarf things are always on point

Monster Vocab

Receptionist Tom enjoys coming out with strings of exotic vocabulary and expressions that often completely bamboozle the celebs.

Okay, so it might not take much to throw Gemma Collins’s brain into meltdown, but check out Tom’s description of Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson’s blonde locks.

You look like you’ve been touched by Midas.

To which Sam responded with “What’s Midas?”

He was the king, that legend has it, everything he touched turned to gold. And your skin is gold, and your hair is gold, it looks like spun gold.

Screen shot: Tom in full swing
Screen Shot: Tom in full swing

Terrible Reception Skills

Despite having quite literally one job to do, Tom often fails at his one job.

The struggle of working out how to answer his telephone is just a sample of the problems Tom faces on a daily basis.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

The running theme has seen celebs stranded at the door with Tom facing some serious challenges when it comes to buzzing them in.



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