Love Island’s Laura Crane is the latest star to face a backlash of ridicule on Twitter.

The professional surfer from Croyde, Devon, has been labelled New Laura since her arrival in the villa little over a week ago.

However, it now seems like a new nickname has surfaced on social media, with competitive Laura taking the platform by storm.

Following New Laura’s fierce performance in what was supposed to be a playful horse racing game, it’s clear that her intense motivation and drive to win is the reason she has reached the top of the surfing world.

Here are 7 hilarious TWEETS on Laura Crane’s competitive side… she is ‘that girl’ in P.E!

Laura Crane competitive!
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Pictured: Girls at Ladies’ Day challenge.

1. “Just Catch It!”

A professional surfer at 23-years-old and sponsored by Rip Curl, Laura Crane’s favourite school subject was definitely P.E.

You know, the girl who was good at hockey, netball, swimming, rounders, javelin throwing and literally anything sport related.

2. “Win or Die”

If there was a girl in school who took the Year 7 Interform tournament way too seriously, it was New Laura.

She literally barged people of their ‘horses’ during the Love Island Ascot Race Day, proving that the win or die mentality is set deep into her DNA.

3. “It’s the Salt Water”

Considering this tweet got over 1,000 likes, there’s obviously something in it.

Perhaps Laura Crane has that look because of all the surfing in cold, salt water. Not to mention the outside hobbies of rock climbing and sailing while kissing all the boys on school trips.

4. “Sorry, Hun”

From primary school to secondary school and even through to high school, Laura’s intense ‘I love sport’ attitude probably only got worse over the years.

Picture a group of 12 girls reluctantly forced into a practical lesson of netball, standing around trying not to break a sweat. Then there’s Laura…

5. “Try Harder”

Welcome to school sports day – AKA Laura Crane’s time to shine.

We imagine her proud parents were always in attendance, not least to help hold the batch of gold medals that their daughter claimed.

6. “Laura, Do You Mind”

Not only is Laura Crane calling her P.E teachers by their first names, but she’s also being hailed to the front of the class for all the show and tells.

“Look at Laura’s posture, balance and form as she strikes the ball,” – f*ck off Mr Jones.

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7. “Fail to Prepare and Prepare to Fail”

Who’s that at the front of the lecture discussing what topics are going to be covered in today’s ‘physical education’ class…

We’ve put OLD Laura vs NEW Laura in a game of Top Trumps – Who wins?


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