Liverpudlian stunner Hayley Hughes was snapped up by the equally drop-dead gorgeous Eyal Booker as Love Island series four kicked off in steamy fashion.

Since then, however, we’ve had to watch the two chatting to one-other.

The pair of models have hardly clicked when it comes to personality, with tediously stupid and dumbfoundingly boring conversations popping up almost every time the camera has focused on them.

Oh, and did we mention that Hayley can’t even pronounce her ‘boyfriend’s’ name?

Long live models…

1. Ee-Yore

Just like the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, Hayley’s initial attempts at saying her man’s name sounded more like the groan of a donkey.

Episode one was a difficult watch for everyone…

2. EE-Ya

Things didn’t exactly pick up from there, with Hayley’s naturally high and squeaky voice far from complimenting Eyal’s unusual name.

She made it sound like a karate chop…

3. A-Wol

We imagine Hayley has had some sleepless nights in the Majorca villa considering the closest her lips came to “Eyal” was the sound A-wol.

There’s definitely some brain cells that have gone awol here…

4. E-E-Ya

Eyal’s name actually originates from Hebrew, contrary to Hayley’s belief that it came from that awful rom-com flick with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

You know the one…

5. Eel


The simplistic nature of Hayley has regularly seen the 21-year-old reverting to a more familiar word in Eel.

If only it was that simple…

6. Ale’

Hayley’s method of playing with real words didn’t stop at eel, as she has continually taken the term ale and whacked a fancy apostrophe on it, ending up with something sounding a little French?


7. Elal

Completely forgetting the Y, Elal has been another one of Hayley’s go-to names.

Eyal Booker and Hayley Hughes, what an inspirational couple…

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