Channel 4 series First Dates is our favourite reality TV dating show.

Now into its 10th season, First Dates has proven that it is more than a quick hour of light-hearted entertainment.

Each character welcomed through the restaurant doors by Fred Siriex has been likeable, relatable and brutally honest.

Nothing like the real dating world, then.

Where are all the dates that have had ‘one too many’, leaving the date before dessert arrives because it’s all just painfully f*cking awkward?

1. Blind Date

Nowadays, unless you’re swiping Tinder at such a streamlined pace that you don’t actually take note of people’s faces, blind dates don’t actually exist.

In First Dates, however, every date is paired by the experts with neither of them aware of what the other one looks like.

Come on, you’d at very least Facebook stalk.

2. Awesome Bar Staff

Fred Siriex, Merlin Griffiths, Cici Coleman, Laura Tott and the rest of the First Dates gang are pretty damn awesome.

They’re not just good at their jobs but passionate about their work too.

Not like a real-life first date where the waiter is counting down the minutes to clock off from his godawful split shift.

3. Similar Interests

While heading into a blind date may sound like a recipe for a disaster, the First Dates love curators do a stellar job at matching individuals.

All of the dates in series 10 have had plenty in common.

Begging the questions; should we be asking a potential date to fill in a pre-screening 10-question personality test?

It would save some awkward silences…

4. Stone Cold Sober

Why is everyone on First Dates stone cold sober?

Sure, they knock back a quick drink at the waiting room bar, but we don’t see enough nervous wrecks charging themselves up with dutch courage.

And pre-date pre-drinks, that’s a thing?


5. Heart-wrenching Revelations

Three episodes into the new series of First Dates and audiences have been dragged through emotional hell.

The heart-wrenching revelations from daters often prove inspiring.


Don’t most first dates usually get as emotionally deep as “so, do you have any brothers and sisters?”

5. Honest Endings

Of course, the endings have been set up by the Channel 4 production team, with both daters meeting face to face and on-camera to give their final verdict.

However, these daters always come across as very honest.

Nothing like the real dating world where you lie through your teeth, saying the date was brilliant no matter what just to avoid the pain of telling the truth.

7. Fake Escapes 

We often witness characters escaping to the toilet during First Dates, phoning a friend to discuss their date.

Okay, so that’s not totally unbelievable.

However, the fact that nobody has used the bathroom to conjure a fake story about how their dog has died and need to immediately leave – now that’s unrealistic.

WATCH First Dates every Wednesday night, on Channel 4, at 10 pm.

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