Netflix’s Sexy Beasts season two is out just in time for Halloween, giving us all the inspiration we need. Here’s seven costumes on our list.

The dating show sees singles wear prosthetic masks, leaving their date to figure out if they can connect on personality alone.

From rabbits, to Frankenstein and Demon outfits, it’s the perfect show to gather your Halloween-inspo costume idea for the upcoming 2021 parties.

Fancy dress galore or what? We thought so. Reality Titbit has seven unique Halloween costume ideas, as influenced by Netflix’s Sexy Beasts.

Sexy Beasts Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sexy Beasts Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

To hare or not to hare

For £2.50, those wanting to dress like the rabbit in Sexy Beasts can purchase these long, fake bunny teeth from ROMWE.

Then, purchase this rabbit head mask from Wonderland Party for £20.99.

Grab some carrots, give them a nibble, and you’re good to go.

Dare to devil?

Grab a black wig, a grey horn headband (or just use some foil) and cover your face, neck and chest in red face paint.

You could add some Latex to your face. However, for an easier stumble into bed after the party, it might just be easier to add some sparkly eye make-up.

Panda your way to the party

This one isn’t as tricky as the other costumes, as there are several hundreds of panda head masks on the Internet.

You can grab this mask from The Entertainer and pop it on your head.

It would only set you back by £6.50!

Or if you’re really not wanting to get too sweaty at the party, go to bed with mascara on, wake up the next morning and rub your eyes.

Screenshot: Kariselle Snow, Sexy Beasts season 1, episode 3 – Netflix

Funky Frankenstein

Grab this fake brain prop and an upside bowl for the head piece.

Then, you’ll need a load of greyish-green paint to go all over your head, face, and lips. For the full look, you could add bits of latex to your face.

Add on a black long-sleeved top, paint your nails pink and you’re good to go, Frankenstein!

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Deary me, this is good

For this deer look, chuck on this deer headband from Amazon.

You can then pop on the same make-up products that artist Ellie Lewis used for this look, which mainly includes brown, black and white paint.

Then, stick some fake white hairs to your chin, such as these Etsy gnome pieces for less than £2, and a silk shirt. Deery me – lookin’ good!

Dinosaur for the day

You could recreate this dinosaur look by purchasing this Latex mask from Amazon, setting you back £13.99.

Then all you need to do is add some green body paint to your neck, chuck on this green mesh top, and throw on a leather jacket.

You’re practically rawring to go now.

An ‘out of this world’ alien

Okay, so if you want to leave the party early, you kinda have an excuse.

You could literally be going to another planet.

For this look, just use red paint to colour half of your face with red, and fill in the mouth and bottom half of your face in yellow.

You could even add the head height by backcombing and hair spraying your hair, before spraying it with a red paint.

If you wanted the full works though, you could contact the prosthetics make-up artist behind this look to book her in, by going to her website.



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