Dr Alex has become a nation’s favourite and Love Island icon.

The sweet-hearted and well-mannered A&E doctor is enjoying a fresh relationship with newbie Ellie Brown, although the U.K public is metaphorically holding a gun to her head, advising her not to break Alex’s heart.

Here are 7 Things You DIDN’T KNOW about Love Island’s Dr Alex George.

1. Alex is a direct relative of former Prime Minister, David Lloyd George

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You might not recognise it at first glance, but here’s the moustachioed Lloyd George strolling with a slightly thinner Winston Churchill than we’re used to seeing!

He hasn’t mentioned it in the villa, but given the level of political debate so far, maybe that’s not such a shocker.

2. He loves a flash car


This isn’t the only fancy set of wheels to grace his Instagram snaps.

3. Alex is a bit of a Chelsea lad

When out and about with his mates in London, Alex can most often be found in the pubs and clubs of Chelsea, blowing off steam after a hard week at the hospital.

Surely just a matter of time now before he crosses paths with the Made in Chelsea crew, right?

4. His nickname on Twitter is Dr Love


I’ve only got the love Island app to vote for Dr

There are definitely way worse names to be stuck with, and most of those are being dished out to Eyal…

5. Alex is a bit of a ski bunny


He certainly knows his way around the alps, judging by the wintry pics he’s taken with his mates.

Less likely to get sunburned in that outfit, but hopefully he didn’t forget sunblock for his nose and cheeks!

6. Dr Alex can’t stand lateness

His ‘worst ever’ Tinder date showed up 40 mins late, and didn’t get any further than dinner.

Whether it was the lack of punctuality or her generally selfish chatter that ruined things, it’s better to show up on time if you want to impress him.

7. He cannot function without coffee


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