All eyes are on Frankie Foster, the buff 22-year-old business management student from Cheltenham who just entered Love Island.

However, with rumours of a steroid ban from rugby, perhaps there’s more than meets the eye to this athletic fitness coach.

Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Frankie Foster!

Frankie Foster, Love Island: SR4 on ITV2
Frankie Foster, Love Island: SR4 on ITV2

1. Frankie is There to Break the Mould

From the outside, Frankie Foster may look like any other Love Island wannabe, but at least he says that he is “different”.

Frankie told producers: I’d say I’m a lot more chilled out than some of them and I don’t think I’m the stereotypical lad in skinny jeans and tight T-shirts.”

Stereotypical lads in skinny jeans?

Identical clones, flooding through the Majorca doors one after another?

We don’t know what you’re on about, Frank…

2. He Played Semi-Professional Rugby

Frankie Foster used his bulking size to forge a decent sports career, running out for Gloucestershire All Golds and representing the England Colleges as a schoolboy.

Frankie said: I played semi-professional rugby when I was a teenager.”

However, Foster’s fledgeling career was cut short in 2016.

We wonder why?

3. Frankie Was Banned From Competing Due a Steroid Ban

Following a rugby match against Oldham, Frankie tested positive for a clomiphene, hormone or metabolic modulator that is prohibited by the regulatory bodies.

He was subsequently banned for two years by the UK Anti-Doping with his days on rugby field limited.

4. He’s Now a Personal Trainer

Shock. Horror. Frankie Foster is a fitness coach.

He works as a gym manager at Gym 66, Cheltenham, and just like Adam Collard and Sam Bird, Frankie will be queuing up for a go on the outside weight things.

Topless and covered in tanning oil… not that we mind!

5. Frankie Has a Love Island Admirer

If Frankie fails to catch the eye of any of the other girls during his time in Casa Amor, at least someone will be waiting on the outside.

Only the die-hard Love Island fans will remember this face, but former – and every brief – series three contestant Tyne-Lexy Clarson has taken to social media to show her support for Frank the Tank.

6. He’s a Dog Lover

What better way to polish off the perfect Instagram profile than to mix it some topless photos with pics of doggos.

Frankie Foster doesn’t actually claim ownership of the dogs on his profile – which we hope doesn’t raise alarm bells – but there are a wealth of cute pups that he seems to adore petting.

Give us a go!

6. Frankie Has Never Had a Serious Relationship

Unlike fellow Love Island contestants such as Laura Anderson, who thinks she is in a serious relationship after one week, Frankie Foster has never had a serious relationship.

Frankie said: I’ve haven’t had one serious relationship – I’ve always been single. I’ve done the single thing now and it’s a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to go on a night out and chat with girls, I’ve done that for too long. It would be good to click with someone now.”


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