As one of the first ‘confirmed’ contestants of Love Island series four, here are 7 things you didn’t know about Dani Mas Dyer.

Daughter of Eastenders actor Danny Dyer, 22-year-old Dani has already made one appearance on reality TV, starring in ITV2’s winter hit Survival of the Fittest.

However, her time in the South Africa Lodge was cut short due to injury, and she will be hoping to make more of an impact in the Love Island villa.

1. Dani Has a Background in Acting 

It seems that Dani has always carried the ambition to work on TV.

Before her appearance on SOTF, she featured on a handful of films, albeit in very ‘extra’ roles.

Presumably thumbed in the door by her father, Dani appeared in both Doghouse and Vendetta – two movies where Danny Dyer is the lead character.

 2. She Had a Very Famous Babysitter

In the run-up to her appearance on Survival of the Fittest, Dani spoke about her famous babysitter, Keira Knightley.

Dani said: “My dad was filming with her ex-partner who she was with and she was on set. I must have been about seven or eight. She used to take me swimming. She was like a bigger sister to me and I loved her. It’s only when I got home that I realised she was in Bend it like Beckham. Now look at her!”

3. Dani Dislocated Her Shoulder on SOTF

It was during week one of Survival of the Fittest where Dani dislocated her shoulder during an assault course.

She received immediate treatment and left the show.

Fortunately for her, however, the most exercise the cast of Love Island get up too is wagging their tongues by the poolside.

 4. She is a Huge Stranger Things fan

Dani can be seen rooting for Dustin, Eleven and co on all of her social media accounts.

In fact, she and her dad threw a Stranger Things themed birthday party for Dani’s sister Sunnie.

5. Dani Pulls Pints in Essex

Alongside Dani’s budding career as an actor – where she has now featured in nine films – she also works as a barmaid in Essex.

Life can be tough, though…

6. She Will Be the Next Marcel

If, like a large part of the U.K population, you didn’t catch Survival of the Fittest, then you can expect Dani to 2018’s version of Marcel Somerville while on Love Island.

Just as Marcel kept mentioning ‘Blazin Squad’, Dani spent the best part of her seven days as a reality TV star by telling people that she was Danny Dyer’s daughter.

7. Dani Wants the Kardashian Life

If Dani goes on to claim victory during series four of Love Island, then we can expect a lot more of Dyer on our telly.

The 22-year-old has previously spoken about wanting her family to become as big as a reality TV franchise as the Kardashian’s.

She told The Sun: Mum keeps saying we should get our own show, like the Kardashian’s. She thinks she’s Kris Jenner.”

To be fair, we would love to see what goes on behind the screens with Danny Dyer!

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