Savanna Darnell is the latest Love Island girl to storm into the Majorca villa, desperate to sink her claws into a man.

Side note: Love Island 2018 has hit the stage where if you miss an episode, you have about 12 new faces to catch up on.

Savanna is instantly recognisable, however, miniature in size with a puff of big, fluffy hair.

Here are 7 things you DIDN’T KNOW about Savanna Darnell – and why she might win Love Island 2018!

Savanna Darnell - Love Island 2018, series 4,
Savanna Darnell – Love Island 2018, series 4,

1. Savanna Has a Famous Dad!

Savanna Darnell joins Dani Dyer when it comes to famous father figures, boasting disco king August Darnell as her big daddy.

Errr. Who?

August was the leader of 1980’s band Kid Creole and the Coconuts, where the hitmakers released 14 albums in 40 years and had U.K hits such as ‘I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby’ and ‘Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy’.

These groovy guys (talk about retro video)…

2. She’s a Model and Dancer

The 22-year-old makes her money through a variety of performing arts, primarily singing and dancing.

This makes her the third dancer to join the Love Island ranks, alongside Samira Mighty and one of the other newbies who we have already forgotten the name of.

They’re pretty much all the same!

You may recognise Savanna Darnell from a couple Amazon Firestick and Furniture Village commercials, while she’s also completed various shoots for modelling agency Nemesis Casting.

3. Savanna Has Her Own Music Track!

It’s not just modelling and singing that Sav is into, she’s actually a decent singer too.

Following the footsteps of her father, Savannah Darnell is using YouTube as her platform to try and break into the music industry.

She released this banger only a month ago… it’s actually quite catchy!

4. She Looks Like Peggy From EastEnders

Okay, so the petite blonde from Sheffield doesn’t actually look like Peggy from Eastenders, but Twitter loves to find tenuous links to play on.

Following Savanna Darnell’s entrance on Love Island episode 21, fans took to social media to draw comparisons between Peggy’s old-school hair-doo and Sav’s modern mop of curls.

5. Savanna Was a Baby Actor

Yep. Baby actors are a real thing – we think.

Savanna Darnell got into the ‘industry’ very young, where she featured on the packaging of nappies.

Sav said: When I was a baby, I was on the packaging of a nappy brand. My face was everywhere!”

Judging by this video on her Instagram, however, we’re not sure how she made it through the casting…

6. She’s Super Mushy With Love

Having found Savanna Darnell on Pinterest, we quickly realised that she is super mushy and really wants to fall in love.

She has a whole board devoted to ‘relationship stuff’, where she has pinned a wealth of ideas on how to be a better partner when in a relationship.

This sh*t includes stuff like ‘jars of love notes’, ‘boyfriend stocking stuffing ideas’ and ‘thinking about you baskets’.

7. You Can Buy Savanna’s Stuff!

If you’re a huge fan of Savanna Darnell’s style, then you can bridge the gap to borderline creepiness and buy her old junk.

Sav puts a lot of her clothes on resale site, under @savannad3211so if you’re into that you can purchase her old T’s, jumpers and jeans.

We’re not sure why, but you can become your own Savanna Darnell clone!

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