In the most shocking Love Island episode yet, we watched Megan steal Wes in a drama-packed episode 20.

Megan Barton-Hanson wasted no time and showed little remorse as she went about her boyfriend-stealing business during an extended episode of the ITV2 series.

First, Megan dumped villa boyfriend Eyal Booker.

Next, she left gal-pal Laura Anderson screeching “you slut” as she immediately went about grafting on Wes Nelson, kissing him during a game and asking him to be with her later on in the show.

Here are 7 ways Twitter reacted to Megan stealing Wes!

Love Island: SR4: Ep23 on ITV2 - Megan steal Wes
Love Island: SR4: Ep23 on ITV2 – Megan steal Wes

1. Shoddy Gal-Pal

Viewers watched in disbelief as Megan ruthlessly went about praying on Wes, showing zero care for Laura, who supposed to be one of her closest villa chums.

Megan added “this is why I don’t have girl friends”, presumably trying to make it sound like girls are overly jealous.


Instead, Megan made it sound like she sleeps with all of her female friends’ boyfriends…

2. Pure Evil Smiles

A dramatic end to episode 20 saw Laura Anderson crying and yelling abuse at Megan because her relationship with Wes suddenly burst into flames.

Meg-Meg literally couldn’t stop smiling.

Pure. Evil.

3. Beg Friend

Adam Collard has been given this season’s honourable title of ‘Muggy Mike’ although Meg looks set to earn her own nickname following her sexual pressure on Wes.

Cornering Wes upstairs for a one-on-one chat, Meg attempted to coax Laura’s boyfriend into kissing her, admitting that she really fancied him.

Beg friend…

4. Adam Collard’s Advice

While we’re on the subject of Adam Collard, the demise of Laura and Wes’s relationship kick-started with some delightful advice from villa player Adam.

Quipping his life motto that is probably tattooed across his bum, Adam told Wes:

You’ll never regret cracking on.”

Which roughly translates as…

5. Bitter Truth

Wes’s decision to swap out his girlfriend of the past three weeks for Megan – who we’d never really seen him chat with – rocked viewers down to the core.

Consequently, People couldn’t believe that Wes’s decision could be swayed so easily, with fans desperately hoping that Love Island romance isn’t a direct reflection of relationships in the outside world.

Love Island: SR4: Ep23 on ITV2 - Megan steal Wes
Love Island: SR4: Ep23 on ITV2 – Megan steal Wes

6. Team Laura

While rewinding seven days, a large part of social media was ripping into Laura Anderson for her age.

In contrast, it seems that all is forgotten and a #TeamLaura has formed.

People are desperate to see Laura bounce back from her betrayal, showing Wes that she doesn’t need him and that she can put it on with anyone she likes – without breaking a hip!

7. Nobody Noticed This

Missed by Love Island 2018 viewers; Georgia Steel immediately went to comfort Laura, the first to jump up from her seat out of all of the girls.

Something quite noteworthy, though, Georgia also did the same when Rosie Williams was dumped by Adam, where she even spent the night sleeping on the outside sofa in order to comfort her friend.

Georgia is swiftly becoming a fan favourite!

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