When the first part of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All came out, viewers were concerned about Brandon Gibbs’ father’s illness.

It was the start of the reunion, which saw the couples discuss their issues, such as the question of whether Julia loves her dog more than Brandon.

However, Brandon opened up about his father Ron Gibbs’ health issues during the episode, which left fans wondering what his illness is.

Ron appeared on the Tell All himself (via video call), asking Brandon if he wants to give it all up, and sharing his clear opinions on his son’s wife Julia.

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

Julia, Brandon and his parents on Tell All

Brandon’s father’s health was brought up when his parents said that they would help Brandon and Julia out with a down payment for a house.

However, this is only if they would buy a property close to them.

Julia refused, as she does not want to live on a farm with Brandon’s parents, despite Brandon opening up about how much he misses them.

Brandon then added that he wants to stay close to his parents, as his father Ron’s health is in decline.

Some fans noticed that Julia may have been rolling her eyes when he appeared to get emotional about Ron’s health.

Fans worry about Brandon’s father

It is clear that viewers are worried about Brandon’s dad, but most seem to be blaming Julia for her decision to stay away from the farm.

One viewer said: “Julia knows Brandon’s dad is ill and is still refusing to move NEAR the farm in a house Julia didn’t pay for.”

Another wrote: “Well I’m praying for Brandon’s dad.”

Some think that Julia should move in with them, due to Brandon’s father, but others agree that they shouldn’t go back to the farm.

“If they’re getting old & the dad has health problems, they gotta wake up! They shouldn’t try force Brandon to choose the path they chose”, said a fan.

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What is Ron Gibbs’ illness?

  • His illness is undisclosed, but it was revealed he has declining health

Fans were also led to think that Ron could be “dying”, and Brandon’s parents appeared to make out he has limited time left.

However, the exact illness is not disclosed.

It looks as though Brandon’s father is still working on the farm.

But viewers seem to think that Brandon may return to the farm to help out, if it gets to a point where Ron can no longer work.

Six months ago, Ron appeared healthy, and there was no mention of an illness on 90 Day Fiance, suggesting his health has declined only recently.



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