Abby Miller on The Bachelor was allegedly MAFS star Harrison Boon’s girlfriend on the outside. Now he’s blindly said ‘I Do’ to a total stranger, his relationship past is coming out – which links to the dating show contestant.

An unknown woman Harrison was involved with on the outside has been revealed, the Daily Mail reports. The lady in question is reportedly Abby, a 21-year-old who starred in The Bachelor Australia this year.

Talk about a dating show crossover! Abby and Harrison’s former romance was exposed at his wedding to Bronte Schofield. Add to that, The Bachelor star has uploaded a post to Instagram that has led to many questions.

Abby Miller on The Bachelor

Abby appeared on The Bachelor 2023, where she developed a connection to Jed. She has been identified as Harrison Boon’s “secret girlfriend” waiting for him outside Married At First Sight, according to one of Bronte Schofield’s friends.

The 22-year-old shared a pouty selfie on Instagram just hours after the MAFS premiere aired, captioning the post with a ‘tea’ emoji. She appeared on the dating show when she was 21 years old and is now “thriving,” as per her Instagram.

Abby hoped to find love with charismatic drummer Jed but sadly her time in the mansion came to an end when she didn’t receive a rose after the second group date.

Get to know Harrison Boon on MAFS

Harrison is a father-of-one and a builder. The 32-year-old from South Wales, Australia, is dad to a three-year-old and, although he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he is serious about one thing: finding love.

He won’t just settle for anyone – he sets the bar “ridiculously high” to achieve greatness in love. Harrison’s parents have been happily married for 33 years and are the blueprint he wants himself and his future partner to aspire to.

Harrison has been single for two years and claimed there have been ups and downs in his past relationships. He’s now looking for a woman who shares his zest for life, goals, values, and sense of humor.

Abby was ‘dating’ Harrison

Bronte, who was chosen as Harrison’s bride on Married At First Sight, was told by her best friend Jessica Tomlinson that the groom had been dating her friend just days earlier. Bronte confronted him after their wedding.

However, Abby is said to be one of many women he was chatting to on dating apps in the lead-up to filming MAFS last year, an insider told Daily Mail Australia. He has taken to Instagram to say he was single before he met Bronte.

Leaked WhatsApp messages obtained by Daily Mail Australia show an excited Abby gushing about Harrison to her co-stars from The Bachelor. “Hey everyone, I am currently talking to the single dad,” she wrote in one text.

“He is packing for MAFS ahaha,” read another, alongside a photo of Harrison’s empty suitcase. Abby then wrote that Harrison was “better than” Jed McIntosh – her suitor from The Bachelor – and that she prefers to date older men.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit has contacted Nine, Abby and Harrison for comment.



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