What is AJ's real age? Rumours about Love Island bombshell explored

Andrea Jane, who told the boys to call her “AJ”, has been the topic of rumours. Fans watching Love Island are questioning her real age.

She is the latest bombshell to hit the villa, after strutting in and telling the guys to put their “eye on the prize”, which appeared to refer to herself.

Ever since her entrance, Love Island Twitter has focused their time on figuring out AJ’s real age, as many can’t believe she is telling the truth.

The ITV2 dating show has always been the subject of speculation, especially when it comes to the Islanders themselves, and AJ is the latest to face some.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Love Island: AJ reveals her age

AJ has revealed that she is a 28-year-old hair extensions technician.

From Hertfordshire, the new bombshell is now being questioned for possibly lying about being 28, with several fans saying she looks older.

However, the Islander has told ITV that she is 28.

This would make her one of the older contestants in the 2021 villa.

Viewers question AJ’s real age

Ever since she walked into the villa, avid Love Island viewers have not been able to believe that she is 28 years old.

While some have attributed possible surgery making her look older, others who are around the same age have compared their own pictures to hers.

After a scroll through Twitter, it seems that fans may not believe her, but a few are disagreeing with those who are accusing her of not being honest.

One wrote: “Did we get AJ’s age?? She’s giving 40+ vibes.”

Another said: “i always feel like i’m younger than my actual age when i look at the people on love island but there is no way that aj is the age that she says she is, she looks at least 35 #LoveIsland.”

Sticking up for AJ was one fan, who said on Twitter:

There’s a conversation to be had about the way people discuss Liam (a male) looking “older” than his age on #LoveIsland compared to the way they discuss AJ (a female) looking “older” than her age. Can women catch a break yet?

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What is AJ’s real age?

  • AJ claims that she is 28 years old, but viewers are confused

There are rumours circulating stating that she lied on her application – which is unconfirmed – but it wouldn’t be a first for the dating show.

Elma has admitted that she lied about her age on the show, telling producers she was 23, not 26.

So, it has been done before, but it looks like AJ is telling the truth. On Instagram, she wrote ’27’ in her caption, to celebrate her birthday in 2019.

One Twitter user claimed that AJ “came out and said she’s 26” on TV.



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