Love Island: Has AJ had plastic surgery? Rumours about age explored

Andrea-Jane Bunker, or “AJ”, recently entered as the Island’s new bombshell. Rumours about possible surgery have began circulating.

She walked in and told the boys to keep their “eyes on the prize”, before they gathered around the firepit to get to know the newbie Islander.

Since her entrance, ITV2 viewers have been questioning her real age, and whether she has had any plastic surgery done to look younger.

We found out what fans are saying, and looked through AJ‘s earlier pictures to explore whether the speculation is true or not.

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Twitter speculates if AJ has had surgery

After AJ’s strut into the villa, viewers have been busy sharing their thoughts on AJ’s age, with many assuming she has had surgery.

The majority are in disbelief that she is 28 years old, with some blaming her looking “older” on possibly going under the knife.

A viewer wrote on Twitter: “This is what happens when you mess around with your face too much.”

One fan responded with: “Sadly you are spot on. All these young girls nowadays having work done don’t seem to realise the effects it will have on their faces when they hit 35 plus.”

“Why is Botox a condition of entry into the villa? Is it a crime to be natural now in your 20s? So confused as to what this show is trying to promote in 2021”, said another fan.

Love Island: Has AJ had plastic surgery?

  • At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation of surgery

However, speculation has it that AJ may have had Botox, jaw and chin filler.

The main assumption by fans is that she had had face work done, such as “several face lifts“. But none of these rumours are confirmed.

If the talk is true, then she would not be the first, as Faye Winters and Sharon Gaffka argued with Hugo Hammond in relation to surgery.

Faye said that her parents paid for her to have breast surgery, claiming that she got them done because she was underdeveloped.

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AJ’s earlier pictures explored

AJ appears to have very prominent cheekbones, both on TV and online.

In 2016, she shared a picture of her at Hideout Festival in Croatia, where her cheeks look smaller than they are now.

It was not until July 2017 that suggests AJ may have gotten work done to her face, as that is when her cheek area looks fuller.

Her jawline then appears more prominent in a picture hanging out with friends in Amsterdam, in January 2018.

The new Islander could also have lip fillers, as they looked much thinner before, until she posted a shot of them looking fuller in November 2017.



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