What is Amira from 90 Day Fiance's nationality? Roots of TLC star explored!
Screenshot: How Andrew Met Amira | 90 Day Fiancé Youtube

What is Amira from 90 Day Fiance's nationality? Roots of TLC star explored!

Amira from 90 Day Fiance has allowed cameras to catch a glimpse of her love life – and now fans are wondering what her nationality is.

The TLC’ star’s relationship with Andrew has been followed from the near beginning, following their quick engagement in Las Vegas.

In the recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, we saw Amira’s dad tell his daughter what he thought of her plans to move to Serbia.

This led fans to question what her nationality is. Keep reading as we explore her roots, and where her family are from.

Amira and Andrew (TLC)

Who is Amira Lollysa?

Amira is a make-up and fashion enthusiast on 90 Day Fiance.

She decided to join an online dating website two years before she first appeared on the series, and met Andrew several days later.

After he proposed to her, they instantly got married in Las Vegas.

However, further into their relationship, she was deported as he tried to meet her in Mexico and get around the travel ban.

She is now being asked to travel to the USA by going through Serbia.

What is Amira’s nationality?

  • French

While she is half French and half Egyptian, Amira was born in France.

She grew up in Saumur, France, a small city surrounded by vineyards, but felt that she didn’t 100 per cent fit in there.

Amira said she was interested in make up and often dreamed about the perfect life she could have, saying it was boring being a single woman there.

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Who are Amira Lollysa’s parents?

Amira’s father Hamdi, who is thought to be from Egypt, has become a favourite amongst 90 Day Fiance fans.

He is not afraid to be open about his thoughts towards her boyfriend, announcing that “we don’t care about Andrew” on the latest episode.

However, while her mom as she doesn’t appear on the show, Amira described her as a blonde “green-eyes woman” of White French ethnicity.



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