Arabella Chi talks 'leading on' ex-boyfriend Kori before Ex in the City
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Arabella Chi talks 'leading on' ex-boyfriend Kori before Ex in the City

Arabella Chi allowed MTV cameras to document the most awkward date ever – as her ex-boyfriend turned up to get closure from her.

The former Love Island star has always had eyes watching her dating life, but not many knew she was previously dating Kori Sampson.

Despite “never going Instagram official” in the public eye, Arabella details how she “forgot he had feelings” and kept emailing him after their split.

Arabella spoke to Reality Titbit about her relationship with Kori, and how she admitted on Ex in the City that she knew she had done wrong.

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Who is Arabella Chi’s ex-boyfriend?

Arabella Chi’s most recent ex is Kori Sampson. Before him, she was dating Wes Nelson, Charlie Frederick, and personal trainer Jay Copley.

Most viewers may recognise him from appearing on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, which led to his career as model and showbiz star to sky rocket.

FOMO Models now represents the Netflix star. He has done photoshoots for several fashion lines and regularly makes collaborations with other brands.

Kori also launched the e-book ‘Kori Sampson Lean Lifestyle’ which covers training and nutrition for different fitness levels.

By the looks of his Instagram profile, Kori is a keen explorer and party lover who’s travelled to top destinations like Ibiza and Thailand.

Arabella talks dating Kori Sampson

Arabella revealed to Reality Titbit that Kori is a “very awkward ex”, and admitted to leading the Too Hot to Handle star on.

She added that their relationship didn’t end well from her point of view, as it ended “very abruptly” with her forgetting he had any feelings.

The Ex in the City star said:

He needed a lot of answers. I’ve been in his shoes before, thinking what did I do wrong, and he needed the closure. You can’t be a n*b when someone has feelings for you, but I can be heartless. I led him on more than I should have in all honesty.

Arabella added: “The blind date was interesting – it was so awkward.

“I had to sit there and almost be told off [when Kori arrived to her date] as I knew I had done wrong.”

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‘I went psycho and kept messaging’

When Kori turned up at her blind date with Nathan on the MTV show, Arabella said she wanted the chair to swallow her up.

Following their split, she admitted going “psycho” and consistently messaging him – through email.

She continued:

He had blocked me on everything and I had things at his, so the only way to contact him was by emailing. I went off on one, went psycho, kept on messaging him, and he cut me off at one point.

Arabella has revealed they don’t talk anymore and that they will never be friends, but added they have drawn a line under it.

She has since seen him at an event, and drew some lessons from the show.

I’ve learned to not be a n*b, and if you’re not feeling it to just be honest, but at the same time, I gave him the answers he needed.



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