FBoy Island saw a line-up of 24 boys – 12 of them nice and the other half self-acclaimed “FBoys”. Fans wonder if CJ and Jarred are together now.

CJ Franco was one of three girls who had the power to date the contestants, while they try to win them over – with a $100K cash prize up for grabs.

Towards the finale, HBO Max viewers were eager to find out who she ended up choosing, and whether that special someone was ‘New Jarred’.

So that viewers don’t have to, Reality Titbit gathered all the hints about CJ and Jarred’s potential relationship status, and if they are together now.

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FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

CJ and Jarred on FBoy Island

After getting to know each other, CJ chose Jarred Evans over FBoy Casey.

They automatically won $100K to split between each other.

She revealed that she had chosen Jarred as he “stepped up and did it in a shorter amount of time”, referring to working through tough times.

Jarred then said that he had a relationship deeper with her, than anything he’d experienced in the past.

Are CJ and Jarred together now?

  • No, it appears that they are not in a relationship

Four months after filming ended, CJ was spotted on a possible date with actor Taye Diggs on July 18. This happened after she posted some selfies.

She had captioned the photos with: “Babe are you okay? You’ve barely responded to the Instagram Story I posted to get your attention.

“I’m not upset jus wondering why you hate me.”

The actor also said he had been meeting “all of these beautiful women on Instagram”, during an interview on The Ellen Show.

Also, to clear up their relationship statues, CJ and Jarred don’t follow each other on Instagram! However, they may be trying to avoid spoilers.

This has not been confirmed by neither CJ or Jarred.

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What other FBoy Island couples are together?

After Sarah chose Garrett as her winner, he chose to end their relationship and claim the $100,000 cash prize for himself. Awks.

However, Nakia and OG Jared are on fan’s minds, after she chose him at the finale. It looked like they walked off together happily.

But they don’t appear to be following each other – but fear not, as it could be the same basis that they are trying not to ruin any spoilers.

As OG Jared lives in Miami and Nakia went back home to Los Angeles, long distance could be playing a difficult factor since filming.

During an Instagram story posted on August 10, Nakia wrote that she “learned a whole lot” about dating while filming the show.

However, she won’t be tight-lipped forever. She said she would go into more detail on her YouTube channel after the final four episodes air.



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