Are Corey and Evelin still together from 90 Day Fiance?

Are Corey and Evelin still together from 90 Day Fiance?

Corey and Evelin‘s relationship has shown a few cracks on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, leaving fans to question their current status.

As the current season gets well underway, there is lots of discussion about a woman called Jenny, who Corey cheated on Evelin with.

Following the October 10th episode, several viewers think Jenny appears to like Corey more than his other half Evelin…

If you were wondering if their relationship outlasted the current season, Reality Titbit has all the deets on whether they are still together.

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90 Day Fiancé | First Look Trailer The Other Way Season 3

90 Day Fiancé | First Look Trailer The Other Way Season 3

Are Corey and Evelin still together?

Reality Titbit believes the couple are together, despite their issues.

While some reports state Corey and Evelin are thought to now be single, he posted a couple of photos of himself and Evelin kissing on the beach.

This was uploaded on September 7th, with the caption: “I never thought the day of planning a wedding with you would come!”.

Since she called him a “lying coward” in the same month, Evelin appears to have stopped posting romantic pictures with him on Instagram.

Meanwhile, they have both made their Instagram accounts private.

Reality Titbit believes they could be together, as on September 29, Corey apologised publicly to Evelin and wrote:

I have to say given all that me and Evelin have been through it definitely shows just how strong that relationship has been. Evelin I am sorry for the stress I have put you through.

What happened with Jenny?

Jenny, Corey’s ex-girlfriend, appeared on the October 10th episode.

He sat down with her to discuss their past relationship, which had involved him meeting her family and looking for a place to live together.

Corey later told Evelin about a more recent affair he had with Jenny, which he told his best friend Raul involved being “intimate” and “serious”.

During the affair, he was still legally married, and hooked up with Jenny in Peru during his brief break from Evelin.

He explained he had a broken heart at the time and was trying to get over Evelin, after thinking she had dumped him.

After finding out how serious Corey and Jenny were, Evelin took to Instagram, where she slammed him for cheating on her.

Did Corey and Evelin get divorced?

Evelin revealed on Instagram that she wanted to divorce Corey following his affair, but was worried about what her family would think.

However, she then said on the social media site that she “asked to get the divorce” papers signed, but Corey “refused”.

Now, it looks like they could be back together, so it is likely that they never got divorced. However, they never had an official wedding.

Instead, they had a secret marriage a while ago, and fans have been seeing how the planning of the special day plays out on screen.

Their wedding could cost $50K, as told on 90 Day Fiance!



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