Diags and new cast member Angel recently appeared to be hitting it off for the festive special of TOWIE. Since the Essexmas 2021 episode was filmed, many fans are wondering if they are together now.

From drama kicking off between Chloe, Courtney and Gatsby, to Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims promising to never fall out again, there is a whole load of juicy gossip that took place during the two-part special.

But a recent romance was brewing among the festivities, mainly between Diags and Angel.

Reality Titbit found out whether they made it official, and what really happened once cameras wrapped up…

The Only Way Is Essex | Essexmas Trailer

The Only Way Is Essex | Essexmas Trailer

What happened between Diags and Angel?

Diags and Angel kissed during the TOWIE Christmas party! Leading up to the special moment were two dates, which included a cheese fondue tasting the second time they met up.

He described the date as “fun” and said she was laughing the whole time. However, he said “it didn’t really feel like there was much spark, like romantic vibes”.

Fast-forward to the Christmas party and they were kissing, with her looking longingly at him during his performance!

Initially, Angel said she was “surprised” when Diags asked her to go for a drink, when she described him as “nice and funny”. Revealing he was nervous, he said she was “obviously beautiful”.

He also admitted he is very attracted to her, and felt a connection with her on the first date.

Are they together after the Essexmas special?

Although they are romantically linked, there is no evidence to show Diags and Angel could still be together.

While they do follow each other on Instagram, there are no recent pictures posted on Instagram which suggest their romance could still be going on since the festive special.

Also, they haven’t been spotted or rumoured as going on any further dates by cameras or other sources.

It is likely that all will be revealed next series!

Diags’ relationship history on TOWIE

One of Diags’ ex-girlfriends is former TOWIE star Fran Parman, his longest-running relationship of three years. They split up in 2017, but Fran revealed they continued sleeping together until 2019.

Sophie Ernault was also dating him about a year ago, which lasted for several months before their split.

He had gone public with Sophie in 2020 after meeting while volunteering in Uganda.

Diags has also had his fair share of smooches, as him and Demi Sims locked lips in September. However, nothing romantic ever developed between the two of them.

Other ladies who have dated Diags include Amy, who he went for dinner and drinks with on-camera before things ended up not working out, as well as Jodie Charles, back in 2018.

His latest potential romance has been with Angel – fingers crossed!

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