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Are Harry and Beaux from Too Hot to Handle still together?

Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond are hitting it off on Too Hot to Handle Season 3, and since filming wrapped up, Netflix viewers are now curious about whether they stayed together.

It is the dating show where contestants who think they are going on ‘Pleasure Island’ are actually on Too Hot to Handle, the ultimate test where they have to dip into a $200K prize pot if they want to kiss anyone (or do anything else…)

Even self-gratification costs them on the strict series, where a speaking machine Lana tells them the rules. Among the contestants this year are Harry and Beaux, who also have to try not to give in to their temptations.

But where are the Season 3 couple now? Did they stay together? We looked through all the clues to find out.

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Harry and Beaux’s love story

Harry and Beaux were one of two couples to hit it off, and (*spoiler alert*) were later announced by Lana as the joint winners of the third season, who would be going home with $90,000.

Beaux could not believe the news, while Harry said they “went from nothing, to being in love”. Nathan, who also won as well as Georgia, admitted he would have voted for Beau and Harry if he was given the chance to.

It wasn’t always romantic, though. Despite them getting close at the start of Season 3, Harry claimed they were just friends, and Beaux even admitted he isn’t like the typical bad boy she would usually go for.

They shared a bed together and had some pillow talk, before things developed between them romantically.

Are the Too Hot to Handle couple still together?

Good news! Looking at interviews Harry and Beaux have given, they appear to be together. They both hinted at their relationship status, with Beaux telling The Express they are “both in a brilliant place”.

Harry also said: “You’ll have to wait and see won’t you? We’re in a good place and we’re in contact every day so…”

While there is no confirmation about whether Harry and Beaux are definitely a couple, we have sifted through a few clues. We do know that Harry and Beaux travelled back on the same plane together, after filming wrapped up.

There is one couple who have continued to see one another after Season 3 finished, and it looks like it could be them. Speaking to ahead of the series launch, Nathan said: “I can give you a little teaspoon.

“One couple out of the whole show, they definitely saw each other afterward. I think people did try and stay in contact, but it’s obviously a bit hard with Covid.”

We can confirm that Harry and Beaux are following each other on Instagram.

Where are Harry and Beaux now?

Harry and Beaux have celebrated their Too Hot to Handle appearances separately, in their own homes. As they are over a four-hour car journey from each other, their friends and family cheered the Netflix stars on for their debut.

However, despite hints that they could be together, Harry and fellow star Holly Scarfone seem to be flirting a little over on Instagram. He called her “sexy legs” after she commented that she was “about to binge him”.

Since Beaux’s debut, she has just announced she has signed with Neon Management, a talent agency who works with stars like Joey Essex. On her recent post, we spotted Harry’s comment which reads “Slaying” with a fire emoji!



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