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Are Holly and Nathan on Too Hot to Handle still together?

Too Hot to Handle stars Holly Scarfone and Nathan Mngomezulu found romance with each other on Season 3, but the question is whether they made it official in the outside world.

It is the dating show where contestants thought they were going on ‘Pleasure Island’… But Lana surprised them when she revealed they were actually on Too Hot to Handle, where no kissing or touching is allowed.

Holly and Nathan hit it off on the Netflix series, but how did things pan out once they left the island?

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Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

What happened between Holly and Nathan?

It didn’t take long for Holly and Nathan to be drawn to each other as Too Hot to Handle Season 3 kicked off. They even shared their first smooch before Lana announced the strict no-kissing rules.

However, they do cost their fellow cast members some money, with them unable to keep their hands off each other and therefore dipping into the $200K prize pot.

They even done the full deed in the fantasy room TWICE, meaning they actually lost a total of $90,000! They were the couple to spend the most money across the entire season.

But they had their fair share of tests, including Nathan being invited to go on a date with Olga and Brianna, which left Holly feeling seriously insecure about where she stands with him. And then suddenly, he was sent home.

Lana felt that Nathan wasn’t taking her lessons seriously, but was allowed to return to the island in a shocking twist.

Both him and Holly were able to recover the prize money they lost, but under one circumstance: spend one night in the fantasy room without any sexual activity. Aaaand they done it!

Too Hot to Handle: Are they still together?

As it stands, it doesn’t look like Holly and Nathan are still a couple. This is because Beaux and Harry have already hinted that they are “happy”, with Nathan himself revealing there is just one Season 3 couple who continue to talk.

Of course, there is also the problem of Holly and Nathan being so far away from each other, with him living in London and her being in America. However, he does split his time across the USA, too, for his Next Models job.

This is despite Holly and Nathan declaring their love for one another towards the end of the season, before Harry and Beaux were crowned the joint champions of the season.

However, these unconfirmed clues do not mean the Season 3 couple are completely done. They continue to leave flirty comments on each other’s pics, while Holly said they “definitely fell in love” in the villa, as per Bustle.

Adding on to that, Holly and Nathan have BOTH been spending time in London…

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Where are Holly and Nathan now?

Holly is now living it up in London, such as getting her mother to take photos of her for Instagram. While Nathan has also been hanging out in the city, hinting that perhaps they had the chance to meet up…

This is despite her usual base in Santa Cruz, California, where she tends to get influential beach shots.

They still flirt with each other for all to see, with Holly commenting “naughty” on a recent post of Nathan’s. He replied with: “C’mon”, alongside some cheeky emojis.

Nathan also starred in a Reebok SS22 underwear campaign, continuing his work as a fashion model.



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