Are Judy and Brat married now? Updates as Brat's proposal plans air!
Screenshot: 'She Had Me Blocked!' 😤😡 First Look | Brat Loves Judy, WE tv YouTube

Are Judy and Brat married now? Updates as Brat's proposal plans air!

Judy and Brat’s love story will be followed even closer, as they get their own reality show on WE tv. Fans may be wondering if they are married.

Legendary rapper Da Brat and her multi-millionaire CEO girlfriend Jesseca “Judy” Dupart is set to give fans a lens on their loved-up relationship.

The eight-part series will see them build a new home, attend couples’ therapy, dealing with personal issues – and the big one, a surprise proposal.

Those watching the couple may be wondering what happened between them post-filming, and whether they ever had that wedding.

How did Da Brat and Judy meet?

Before officially meeting, Da Brat had been watching Judy’s inspiring, motivational videos on social media every day.

She decided to stop by on one of the CEO’s tours, who owns hair brand Kaleidoscope, where she told Judy they should “hang out later”.

They began talking on the phone a lot and spending time together.

Da Brat revealed that she didn’t want to accept the feelings she had, before Judy claims she did not answer the phone.

Judy then got a boyfriend – and blocked Da Brat – before she broke up with him and unblocked her, to call her and apologise.

Before they knew it, they were with each other 24/7, and the rest is history!

Da Brat and Judy Dupart: Timeline

They have been together for almost two years.

Despite Da Brat being from Chicago and CEO Judy from New Orleans, the hair products brand owner moved her entire business and relocated.

The couple confirmed their relationship in early 2021, following rumors.

Da Brat and Judy now live together in Atlanta, Georgia. It looks like their relationship could be moving to the next level, as Judy has plans to propose.

Are Da Brat and Judy married?

  • No, the couple are not officially married yet

As far as we are aware, Da Brat and Judy are not married yet.

In a post taken three days ago, Judy does not appear to be wearing a ring on her engagement finger, however Da Brat is sporting a diamond!

It may be that they have been removing any engagement or wedding rings to save the news for when the series launches, though.

Looking through their Instagrams, there are no wedding pics. It’s unlikely they would have gotten married in the short space of time since filming.



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