Are Lana and David still together and did they ever get married?

Are Lana and David still together and did they ever get married?

Lana and David Murphey’s relationship was previously documented on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance. Since they first appeared, fans have wondered if they stayed together, and whether they got married.

Their romance came to light on Before the 90 Days season 4, which was described as unusual by several viewers.

David had met Lana during a holiday to Ukraine, but was later met with now-debunked non-confirmed rumors by his friends and family who thought that she could be a scammer (she wasn’t).

We explored where Lana and David are now, and whether they ever had their special ceremony…

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

Are Lana and David still together?

No, Lana recently confirmed on her Instagram – on what now appears to be a different account to her usual page – that she is not in a relationship with David.

She also added that she doesn’t talk to him, when a fan asked if they still speak to one another during a Q&A.

It comes just months after David reportedly told followers in May that he was still with Lana. He has also kept pictures up on his Instagram of them hanging out, but the last post was back in 2020.

However, just days ago he revealed he hasn’t spoken to her for about four months.

Lana revealed some other secrets about the show, including claims that 90 Day Fiance is 90 percent scripted.

She also said: “Did not participate in tell-all because the show did not allow the truth to be told and I no longer wanted to participate in this stupidity that they created.”

Reports also say that Lana was spotted on another dating site.

Did the 90 Day Fiance couple get married?

No. Lana claimed that their engagement was “just for the show in the first place.

Even before they split up, there were no signs of any wedding or engagement rings worn by David or Lana.

After getting engaged in the finale, David went on to talk about them “not being together” on the Tell-All.

There were also rumors that Lana may have previously been married, but these were not confirmed nor denied.

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Where are Lana and David now?

Lana and David are quite present on social media, mainly on Cameo, a video-sharing celebrity website.

David has been busy partying with friends, as seen on his Instagram. When a fan commented asking whether he is still “with the girl from the show”, he responded by saying: “haven’t talked to her for about 4 months.”

Although Lana stays pretty schtum on social media, she is well-praised on Cameo, with five-star reviews.

David has also recently retired, and celebrated with cake and a balloon!



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