Are Michelle and Nayte still together since The Bachelorette?

Are Michelle and Nayte still together since The Bachelorette?

Michelle Young has spent weeks trying to look for her perfect man on The Bachelorette, and Nayte Olukoya has been part of the line-up.

Her season on the ABC dating show has seen Michelle take the men to basketball, meet their parents and shown them around her hometown.

A very promising romance has been playing out between Michelle and Nayte, and fans are questioning whether they are still together now.

Reality Titbit has the lowdown on all the engagement rumors…

The Bachelorette | Fall 2021 Midseason Trailer | Hulu

The Bachelorette | Fall 2021 Midseason Trailer | Hulu

Nayte and Michelle’s timeline

Nayte became Michelle’s recipient of the first impression rose. It happened after he impressed her with his vulnerability at the cocktail party.

Since then, their romance has only blossomed even further. He is one of the last three men left ahead of this season’s finale, alongside Joe and Brandon.

They have faced some issues while getting to know each other, such as rumors that Nayte could be an actor, and Chris S gate-crashing their date.

Even before he joined The Bachelorette, Nayte was confident that Michelle may just be the one he’s been waiting for.

Are Michelle and Nayte together?

Yes, *spoiler alert*, Michelle and Nayte are actually engaged. This is despite his stepfather questioning whether the love between them is real.

According to spoilers from Reality Steve, they are still together and decided to put a ring on it in the final episode.

“Michelle picks Nayte at the end and they’re engaged. The end,” Reality Steve wrote on November 9th.

He also said: “Had heard rumblings since the season ended but got the confirmation I needed the end of last week.”

Those ‘actor’ rumors about Nayte

Although it is possible that Nayte has dreams of being an actor, he is completely confused when his fellow stars accused him of wanting fame.

“You’re аn аctor, аnd you’ve come on а reаlity TV show,” fellow cаst member Clаyton Echаrd said to Nаyte.

However, Nayte seemed completely perplexed, and asked the co-star in response: “What are you talking about?”.

However, The Bachelorette star is actually an account executive who has no history of any previous acting roles.

Rumors which confirm Nayte and Michelle are engaged suggest he’s really in it for the long haul, despite people thinking it may not last.



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