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Are Myrla and Johnny dating after Married at First Sight?

Myrla Feria was coupled up with Gil, while Johnny Lam saw Bao walk towards him at the altar on Married at First Sight. That’s all changed…

The daring show, which sees complete strangers get married the first time they lay eyes on each other, didn’t match Myrla and Johnny together.

However, rumor has it that there may have been a switch-up in their wives and husbands, with the Season 13 reunion giving hints about their statuses.

When Myrla and Gil confirmed they have ended their marriage, the door was left wide open for speculation about a possible romance with Johnny.

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Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

What happened to Johnny and Bao?

Despite Johnny saying “yes” on Decision Day, he continuously shared with Bao that there was no passion in their marriage.

Bao broke the Internet when she told Johnny she wants a divorce, and the animosity between them recently showed they’ve called it quits for good.

Viewers were basically led to think he didn’t like her at all, and when it came to the Season 13 reunion, he said he felt like a broken man.

In September 2021, sources claimed Bao was dating her fellow MAFS castmate Zack Freeman, but they both denied the rumors.

Speculation about Myrla and Johnny

Since Myrla and Johnny seemed to be very close at the Season 13 reunion, rumors have been flying across the net about whether they’re dating.

Across Twitter, people don’t seem surprised about the rumors, which began when they appeared to be flirting on the November 17th episode.

One fan said: “Yeah Myrla and Johnny messing around. They really playing in Gil face like this? #MAFS.”

Another wrote: “if the rumors that johnny and myrla are actually together are true im done because…. what. #MAFS.

Some fans have put the two down as just friends, with some claiming Myrla is a flirty person in general, and not just with Johnny.

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Are Myrla and Johnny dating?

There is no confirmation that Myrla and Johnny are dating, despite them seeming to be the best of friends on the Season 13 reunion.

It could be that they are just that – friends. Despite this, some viewers think they deserve each other, while others cannot believe they may be dating.

The latest MAFS: Unfiltered episode saw Myrla touching Johnny, such as putting her hand on him. But some put this down to a “friendly dynamic”.

As far as we are aware, Myrla and Johnny are not dating. Speculation involves that she could be dating him for money, but she already has a successful job as a leadership coach.

One non-verified source on Twitter claimed that Johnny has a girlfriend that is not Myrla, but he has not made this public.


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