Are Natalie and Mike from 90 Day Fiance divorced? Post-filming update!
Screenshot - Natalie Has Concerns With Mike's House! | 90 Day Fiancé

Are Natalie and Mike from 90 Day Fiance divorced? Post-filming update!

Natalie and Mike’s relationship has closely been followed by cameras on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. But did they ever get theirs?

Regular viewers will know that it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the TLC couple, and have seen them face issues after getting married.

From an uncomfortable trip to visit Mike’s mother, to Natalie suddenly leaving to stay with her friend Julia, their marriage has been on the rocks.

We already know 90 Day Fiance was filmed some time ago, so there may have been developments afterwards. We found out if they got divorced.

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

Mike and Natalie: Relationship timeline

The couple made their first appearances on 90 Day Fiancé on the show’s seventh season.

Mike, 35, comes from Sequim, Washington, while Natalie, also 35, is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

While waiting for Natalie’s K-1 visa, Mike visited her in Ukraine where the two got to know each other better.

The couple had a few challenges at the start of their relationship, from different views about children to dietary lifestyles.

Due to her claiming she had several K-1 visa delays, Mike often doubted whether Natalie was being truthful with him.

Reports confirm that Mike and Natalie got married in Clallam County, Washington, on April 15 2020.

Are Mike and Natalie still together?

No, Natalie and Mike are no longer together.

The couple got engaged after just three weeks of dating, and their relationship was long distance for some time.

However, there were also points in their relationship when Natalie said it would be a “lie” to say that she loved Mike after he spent some time in Ukraine with her.

After Natalie’s K1 Visa got approved, their relationship took a turn for the better. But, as of 2021, the couple is no longer together. 

InTouch Weekly reported that the couple separated in March 2021 after less than a year of marriage.

Have Mike and Natalie got divorced?

  • No, Mike and Natalie are have not got divorced

Despite their separation, neither of them have filed for divorce yet.

This is according to In Touch, who reported in August 2021 that court records show they have not submitted paperwork.

A Clallam County Court clerk also confirmed to In Touch that there is no divorce in progress.

Natalie and Mike have not been living together for months. It looks like they are in different parts of the US.

While Natalie is thought to be in Florida with friends, Mike appears to be staying in Washington.



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