Arisce Wanzer had her jawline re-sculpted years before Ex on the Beach
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Arisce Wanzer had her jawline re-sculpted years before Ex on the Beach

Arisce Wanzer has been the face of a skincare campaign and is known the world over for being a transgender supermodel. Now that she stars on Ex on the Beach, fans are wondering what she looked like pre-surgery.

She has always been open about her plastic surgery, and even shared her journey on NBC‘s Dr. 90210 several years ago. The show documented her facial feminization procedure, which involved re-sculpting her nose and jawline.

Now, Arisce is getting involved in past lover drama on MTV’s Ex on the Beach, where viewers are eager to find out what her appearance was like before any surgery. We can reveal the star’s transformation over the years.

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Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Arisce Wanzer before surgery

Arisce decided to undergo a facial feminization procedure because she previously wouldn’t book any modelling shoots which focused on her face. She only posed for body-based photoshoots rather than those focused on her face or hair.

By this point, her success was evident, having walked countless fashion week shows and modelled for major labels including LuLu Lemon and Lucky Brand Jeans. However, she thought her nose was “too big and wide”, as per Bev Hills.

She added that her nose was “not feminine” and that it had stopped her from getting jobs. Another concern was her jawline, which was a lot less defined back in 2016, before she received the plastic surgery.

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The Ex on the Beach star’s transformation

Arisce has now undergone plastic surgery, including Botox. During her time on NBC’s Dr. 90210, she got Botox injections to the masseter muscles to give the appearance of a V-shaped jawline, and a surgical rhinoplasty.

The rhinoplasty sculpted a smaller nose and more refined tip. After just two months of undergoing the facial feminization procedure, Arisce was booking twice as many roles and later shot for Emerage Cosmetics in 2020!

She also had breast augmentation surgery, which skyrocketed her modelling career as a whole. Arisce told The Hairpin:

Things really took off when I got my boobs. I have always wanted boobs. One of my biggest role models is Victoria Beckham. She’s just a G. Out there, doing it all. She’s stunning. I modelled my boobs after her.

Arisce first began modelling as a male, before she got a boob job in 2009 and remodelled herself as a woman. She decided to undergo the surgery when she was listening to Lily Allen’s The Fear in the shower, and had an “epiphany”.

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Fans think she looks amazing

Since Arisce made her Ex on the Beach entrance, MTV fans have been loving the drama, fun and sassiness that she brings to the table. Some have even branded the series as the “Arisce and Mike show.”

When it comes to her looks, she has caught all the attention of those watching instantly. Her supermodel appearance has not gone amiss, and fans everywhere are commenting on how “gorgeous” she looks.

A fan wrote: “Arisce has come a long way from her days on Strut. She looks good #ExOnTheBeach.”

Another said: “Arisce is GORGEOUS, but that makeup is giving me Julia Fox.” This comment actually got a response from Arisce herself, who replied: “God forbid some of us try to look different every day.”

Arisce serves AMAZING confessionals #ExOnTheBeach,” a fan wrote on Twitter. So it’s clear to see just how much viewers appreciate not just her beauty, but the bubbly personality she brings to the show!



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