The Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast includes 27 eligible singles, but one of them has a huge fear: commitment. We met the line-up and found out the show’s much-anticipated air date.

Bachelor in Paradise is the popular spin-off to ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The original series is held in the USA, with spin-offs in countries like UK and Greece, and now Canada is launching BIP season 2.

Reality Titbit has all the details you need on each Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast member, from their ages and fun facts to what they do for work and Instagram handles.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast

Tessa Tookes

Age: 27

Job: HR strategist

Instagram: @tessa.tookes

TikTok: @tessauce

Fun fact: Tessa’s bucket list involves visiting Grand Ole Opry, going to space, and meeting Stevie Nicks.

Tessa is living in Toronto after moving there from New York. She was on The Bachelor season 26 but was eliminated in week 2. She loves romantic gestures and said, “There’s definitely a moment to be extra and romance is IT!”

Shazeeda Gafoor

Age: 24

Job: Yoga instructor and model

Instagram: @s.gafoor

TikTok: @yagurlshaz

Fun fact: Shazeeda once had Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield record a personalized video for a boyfriend.

Shaz is a Caribbean-Canadian model based in London. Shaz works under model management company Peggi Lepage and graduated with an international economics and finance BA degree at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2022.

Samantha Picco

Age: 33

Job: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @samanthapicco

TikTok: @sambrandforever

Fun fact: Sam’s top fears are spiders, tornadoes, and commitment.

Sam was previously in a relationship with co-star Godfrey on Big Brother Canada season 7. They broke up for the first time in late 2019 and therefore this will be her first reality show since the split.

Rianna Hockaday

Age: 27

Job: Registered nurse

Instagram: @riannahockaday

Fun fact: Rianna is obsessed with Greek mythology!

Rianna was featured on The Bachelor season 26 but was eliminated in week 1. From Texas, she’s been searching for a family-oriented man ever since her first appearance and never hesitates to do something outrageous for a memory.

Quartney Mixon

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 17
Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Age: 28

Job: Supplement brand owner

Instagram: @quartneymixon

TikTok: @quartney.mixon

Fun fact: Quartney knows how to play the baritone.

Quartney was featured on The Bachelorette season 17. He was eliminated in week 4 but his main goal in life is to leave behind a legacy, and he needs a partner who will stand side by side with him and build an empire.

Paige Allen

Age: 31

Job: Director of talent acquisition

Instagram: @paige_niicole

Fun fact: She’s known as “Party Paige” to her friends!

From Toronto, Paige would choose These Boots Were Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra as her walk-up song. She’s looking for her Prince Charming and a fresh start on the show.

Nithisha Ketheeswaran

Age: 26

Job: Insurance company manager

Instagram: @nithisa06

Fun fact: Nithisha describes herself as a huge germophobe.

From Stouffille, Ontario, Nithisha is a “headstrong” contestant who hopes to find a “romantic, adventurous, and emotionally vulnerable man” in Paradise. Her ideal date would be a private country music concert!

Meagan Morris

Age: 28

Job: Interior designer and actor

Instagram: @meagancmorris

TikTok: @meagsymo

Fun fact: Meagan’s most romantic gesture was buying a star for her ex-fiancé.

From Vancouver, Bachelor in Paradise 2023 cast member Meagan works with Connekt Creative as an actor alongside running a design and commercial interior company.


Age: 28

Job: Fitness coach

Instagram: @matiamarcantuoni

TikTok: @matiamarcantuoni

Fun fact: Matia used to build computers as a hobby when he was younger.

From Toronto and Miami, Matia started his own streetwear brand after an injury took him out of the NHL. He is now “looking for a genuine connection that will stand the test of time” and is inspired by his parents’ 30-year relationship.

Marilyn Smith

Age: 26

Job: Executive Assistant

Instagram: @marilynsmith_

TikTok: @marilyn_smith

Fun fact: Marilyn has appeared on two romance novel covers.

From Toronto, Marilyn is “bringing the glam to Paradise” and is on the hunt for “someone honest, funny, empathetic, and emotionally mature.” She’s never had a serious relationship before.

Maria Garcia-Sanchez

Age: 30

Job: Apparel and textile designer

Instagram: @_mariags_

Fun fact: Maria’s first kiss took place on a bridge in Venice during a high school class trip to Italy.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 fans may recognize Maria as she starred in season 1. She is searching for “someone with a thirst for knowledge, a positive outlook on life, empathy towards others” and is ready to let her guard down.

Lisa Mancini

Age: 29

Job: Cosplay artist

Instagram: @lisa.mancinerh

TikTok: @lisa.mancinerh

Fun fact: Lisa can summon squirrels on demand.

Cosplay artist and former Bachelor Canada and Bachelor in Paradise Canada contestant Lisa is back for another chance at finding love. She is “still single and ready to mingle” and is hoping to find a “goal-oriented man.”

Linda Charlie

Age: 23

Job: Construction worker and model

Instagram: @lindagracecharlie

TikTok: @lindagracecharlie

Fun fact: Linda’s celebrity crush is 50 Cent.

Kenyan and Inuit, Linda works for Mode Models. Having grown up in a small community in Nunavut and being the only black children in their school, Linda and her sister Evangeline Charlie are now role models for their communities.

Krissy Kennedy

Age: 27

Job: Model

Instagram: @krissymarika

TikTok: @krissymarika

Fun fact: Krissy’s first kiss was during a game of “spin the bottle” and she was so nervous that she banged heads with the recipient of the kiss.

From Vancouver, Krissy often hangs out in Las Vegas. When she’s back at home, she usually visits her goddaughter and has shared several videos of her wearing her mom’s old dresses on TikTok.

Juan Osorio

Age: 32

Job: Fitness coach

Instagram: @jposoriofit

TikTok: @jposoriofit

Fun fact: Juan can beatbox with his hands.

Fitness coach Juan spends his time in both Canada and Columbia and enjoys reading, meditating, and exercising. He’s looking for a “healthy relationship built on love, communication, and trust.”

Josh Guvi

Age: 29

Job: Filmmaker

Instagram: @joshguvi

TikTok: @joshadrift

Fun fact: Josh’s biggest deal-breaker is an inconsistent personality.

Josh is a fresh face on Bachelor in Paradise who is traveling the world and documenting his solo exploration as he goes. He previously studied economics before he began making films!

Joey Kirchner

Age: 32

Job: Actor and model

Instagram: @mrjoeykirchner

TikTok: @mrjoeykirchner

Fun fact: Joey says the most romantic thing he’s ever done is give someone the last bite of his meal.

Joey is no stranger to cameras, as he played roles on In the Dark and V-Wars in 2019, and a year earlier, crime video Damaged. Now, he’s looking for love among reality TV contestants.

Jake Ondrus

Age: 22

Job: Holistic nutritionist

Instagram: @jakeondrus

TikTok: @jakeondrus

Fun fact: Jake’s celebrity crush is Megan Fox.

Jake almost lost his life on July 4 2022 after a motorcycle accident. He wrote on Instagram: “I’m truly blessed to be shown and given another chance at this beautiful gift called life. I am forever grateful.”

Godfrey Mangwiza

Age: 29

Job: Boxer

Instagram: @godfreymangwiza

TikTok: @itsgodfreymangwiza

Fun fact: Godfrey refers to himself as a “King of Finesse” and “undefeated boxing champion.”

Godfrey is looking for a loyal, family-oriented partner and was previously in a relationship with co-star Samantha Picco. He was dating her during his appearance on Big Brother Canada season 7.

Garrett Aida

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 18
Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Age: 34

Job: Tech CEO

Instagram: @garrettaida

Fun fact: Garrett lists ballroom dancing and spearfishing as two of his hidden talents.

From Salt Lake City, Utah, Garrett starred on The Bachelorette 18 for Michelle Young‘s season but was eliminated in the first week. He dropped out of college to start a successful tech company and spends his free time traveling the world!

Edward Naranjo

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 18
Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Age: 28

Job: Fitness coach

Instagram: @naranjoedward

TikTok: @naranjoedward26

Fun fact: Cheesecake, ice cream, and avocados are the three foods you can always find in Edward’s fridge.

Edward starred in The Bachelorette season 18 but was sent home on week one. Based in Los Angeles, his future partner MUST love dogs because Edward’s pup, Willow, is always by his side.

Connor Brennan

ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" - Season Seven
Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Age: 30

Job: Musician

Instagram: @connorfalcon

TikTok: @connorfalcon1

Fun fact: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon would be Connor’s walk-up song.

Connor was a contestant on season 17 of The Bachelorette, during Katie Thurston’s season when he dressed as a cat on night one. He was eliminated in week 5 and returned for the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Cole Medders

"SURVIVOR: 42" Finale Watch Party Benefiting Give Kids The World Village
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Age: 28

Job: Adventure guide

Instagram: @jcolemedders

TikTok: @jcolemedders

Fun fact: Cole is afraid of the deep, open ocean.

Cole starred in Survivor season 35. He was the youngest member of the original Soko tribe. Cole, along with Jessica Johnston and Mike Zahalsky, were the first contestants to win every challenge pre-merge.

Chelsea Vaughn

Marc Jacobs Perfect Party
Photo by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

Age: 29

Job: Model and content creator

Instagram: @chelseavaughn

TikTok: @chelseavaughn_

Fun fact: Chelsea says Zendaya would play her in a movie about her life.

From Brooklyn, New York, Chelsea starred on The Bachelor season 25. She was sent packing in week 7 before returning for Bachelor in Paradise season 7. However, she was eliminated from there on week 5.

Céline Pacquette

Age: 25

Job: Flight attendant

Instagram: @celinepacquette

Fun fact: Mama’s boys are a deal-breaker for Céline.

From Winnipeg, Céline often travels the world, from Mexico and Texas to Vancouver and Costa Rica. She is either out with her loved ones, in a new country, or working out in the gym!

Austin Tinsley

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 17
Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Age: 26

Job: Real estate agent and personal trainer

Instagram: @austinsley

TikTok: @txnsley

Fun fact: Austin’s first kiss happened at a school dance while slow dancing to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.

Austin starred in Katie Thurston‘s season of The Bachelorette but was eliminated in week one. Now, he’s joining the Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast hoping to find his perfect match.

Ana Cruz

Age: 27

Job: Talent agent

Instagram: @anacruz

TikTok: @champagnecruzy

Fun fact: Skydiving and visiting each continent are at the top of Ana’s bucket list.

Montreal-based Ana was on Bachelor in Paradise Canada season 1 and is now back for season 2. Aside from the dating world, she works as a talent agent for DULCEDO Management Group.

Bachelor in Paradise season 2: Air date

The Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2023 cast is at the beach and looking for love! The trailer proves there will be lots of kissing, hot tub action, and pure romance going on in season 2.

Singles from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise will gather on a tropical beach searching for love. The Bachelor’s Kevin Wendt returns as a bartender and Ottawa’s Sharleen Joynt, an alum from Juan Pablo’s season, is host.

It airs on Monday, May 8 2023 at 8/7c and can be watched on Citytv. If you miss the live episodes, you can stream the show any time at the Citytv app, available on IOS and Android, or simply on


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