Love is Blind: Who is Benjamin McGrath? Meet Jessica's boyfriend!

As Netflix lets viewers find out what happened after dating show Love is Blind, some may be wondering who Jessica’s new boyf Benjamin is.

She may not have found long-term love following the series, which saw ingles try to find their match – without ever seeing each other face-to-face.

It never worked out for Jessica and Mark, which fans will find out during the follow-up show. However, it’s not all glum, because she is all loved up.

If you are wondering which man has stolen Jessica’s heart, meet Dr. Benjamin McGrath… We found out all there is to know about her boyfriend.

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Love is Blind: After the Altar | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind: After the Altar | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Benjamin McGrath?

Benjamin McGrath, 35, is Jessica Batten’s boyfriend.

The doctor currently works at Total Foot and Ankle in Murrieta, California.

He is also bilingual, and able to speak both English and Spanish!

Benjamin also has over 20K followers on Instagram, where he often shares insights into his medical career, family and love life.

The Temecula resident has worked at the same surgery since 2018. Before, he was a resident physician at Adventist Health White Memorial.

Benjamin McGrath: Career and family

Benjamin is a foot and ankle physician and surgeon.

However, that’s not all he does – as he is also a father to a daughter and son from a previous relationship.

Looking through his Instagram, it is clear to see that he is very close to his children, who he often goes on days out with, such as to Legoland.

He previously went to college at Brigham Young University and graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s of science in biology.

In 2015, he graduated from the California School of Podiatric Medicine.

Benjamin McGrath and Jessica Batten

Benjamin and Jessica first met while riding bikes on the beach – romantic or what?! The Love Is Blind star revealed the news on her Insta story in 2020.

She went public with their relationship on July 4, 2020, four months after they first laid eyes on each other. They also spend quarantine together.

Benjamin and Jessica are thought to be around the same age. This differs to when she dated Mark on the Netflix series, who is 10 years younger.

March 15th 2020 marks the day they got into a relationship. They recently celebrated their one-year anniversary together!



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