The Bachelorette: Who is Blake Moynes’ mother? Meet Emily, author and divorce counsellor

The time has come for Katie Thurston to meet the families of the suitors. The preview for the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette shows Blake Moynes’ mother, Emily, telling Katie that her son is “smitten” by her. 

With the finale of The Bachelorette Season 19 only a few episodes away, the suitors – Blake, Greg Grippo and Justin Glaze – are doing everything in their power to win Katie’s heart. Meanwhile, Katie will be taking the next big step in her relationship with the bachelors by meeting their families. 

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Everything you need to know about Blake’s mom

While not much is known about Blake’s father, his mother, Emily, has been vocal about her “tumultuous marriage”. She is an author, who has penned a “motivational book” titled Rising Up, according to her official website. 

It also states that after getting out of a decade-old relationship, she decided to become self-reliant. She reportedly started her business called Rebuild a Kick-Ass Life, and is on a “continual journey of self-discovery.”

She is currently working as a counsellor, helping others deal with issues surrounding “personal challenges” and “overcoming the painful reality that is divorce.”

As stated earlier, neither Emily nor Blake have spoken about Blake’s father. But, Emily’s website notes that she went through two divorces. Based on her own experiences from her previous relationships, Emily is working towards empowering others. 

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Emily’s Instagram explored 

Emily mostly uses her Instagram to share motivational quotes and keep her followers updated about her personal life. She is 50 years old and her social media posts reveal that she is based in Canada. 

Even though she is appearing on The Bachelorette to meet Katie, her Instagram still consists of pictures of Blake from Tayshia Adams’ season. 

In February, she took to Instagram to defend Blake following his appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast, to address the “overt sexual” remarks he had made about her, according to the listeners. 

She said in the video, “No, I am not pissed out with that at all.” before adding, “People need to just lighten the f*** up.”

Sneak Peek of Hometown 

Hometown is one of the most important segments of The Bachelorette and going by the teaser for episode 9, it seems to run high on drama. 

While Blake’s sister Cody tells him to express his feelings for Katie as someone else might have already done it, Emily also speaks on behalf of her son. 

However, with Blake yet to tell those three magical words to Katie, it remains to be seen what other drama is going to unfold when the bachelorette meets the families of the suitors. 

‘The Bachelorette’ airs every Monday on ABC. 

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