Love Island star Laura Anderson has revealed she’s split from singer Dane Bowers after five years of on-off romance.

The 31-year-old had moved to Dubai to be closer to the Another Level star, 42, but she’ll soon be heading back to the UK.

In a social media statement on Instagram, she said: “Just to let all of my beautiful support on here know that unfortunately Dane and I have decided to separate.

“Thank you all for your continued support.

“Sadly we’re just not right for each other but I do wish him nothing but love.

“I will be moving back to the UK as soon as I can.

“Roll on the rest of 2022, let’s make it count.”

Last post

Laura had last shared a post featuring Dane on her Instagram account on July 19. The video saw them showing off their new bathroom makeover alongside their dog Buddy.

At the time of writing, Laura still has a number of posts that feature Dane on her account, suggesting they’ve certainly ended things on good terms.

Just last month she posted a snap of them in Mykonos and captioned it: “Life is always an adventure with you”.


In 2021, Scottish beauty Laura, who appeared on Love Island in 2018, rekindled her romance with Dane three years after she’d dumped him.

She declared at the time that she felt she could trust him again, and even said they were trying for a baby.

Opening up last year, she said: “Relationships only really ever work out when you both love each other equally, which is something that is actually quite hard to find, and is often down to timing.

“I was chasing my boyfriend Dane when he didn’t really want a girlfriend. Now it’s the complete reverse – he chases me.

“I met Dane at a pool party while I was living in Dubai in November 2017 and I instantly liked how chilled-out and funny he was.”

Laura went on to explain that although Dane was 10 years older than her, he wasn’t ready for a relationship at the time, and that six months down the line she found out he was seeing someone else.

She clarified that they were not in a relationship at the time and had never said they were exclusive, but that she still felt disappointed and ended things after confronting him.

It was then that she applied to go on Love Island, eventually finishing as runner-up alongside then-boyfriend Paul Knops.

After they split, she ended up reuniting with Dane after he told her he wanted to be with her and asked her to move in with him in Dubai.

Dane has not yet released a statement of his own on Instagram, but his account also remains full of pictures of Laura at the time of writing.


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