Bri Springs’ mom became the star of The Bachelor’s recent episode (Monday February 22nd), as fans tried to find out how old she is.

It comes as part of Matt James’ season on the ABC series, as he goes on dates with several ladies lining up to be in a relationship with him.

Contestant Bri Springs recently received a rose from Matt, which meant she made it to the hometown dates part of the season.

So, who is Bri Spring’s mom? How old is her mom? Below, we explore The Bachelor’s family life, as well as discover her mom’s real age.

Screenshot: Matt Gets Grilled By Bri’s Mom | The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation YouTube

Who is Bri Springs’ mom?

Lauren brought Bri up as a single mother, with help from her grandmother.

She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and is from San Antonio, Texas.

Bri’s mom is an aesthetic practice manager and is currently engaged.

The Bachelor contestant also revealed that she learned her mom was going to have a baby during Covid-19 quarantine.

Bri Spring’s mom speaks to Matt James

Lauren appeared on the show to have a private conversation with Matt.

He told her that he related growing up with a single parent, and admitted that he is falling for Bri.

She goes on to say that Bri is a “realist” and “wants to get her hopes up, but is afraid of being shut down”.

Asking Matt if he sees Bri in his life, he tells her mom he “absolutely” does.

Lauren revealed she thinks they have a special connection, but worries that it could be lust between them – but said she wants to protect her.

How old is Bri Springs’ mom?

Bri told Matt that her mother gave birth to her when she was 13 years old.

The communications manager is now aged 24, which is likely to make her mom Lauren around 37 years old.

Lauren didn’t date for a long time after giving birth to her, Bri revealed.



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